Dalian self-help swims (4 days of courses)
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The first day

Dalian has the Asia's biggest town square, it is astral sea square, gross area 1.1 million square metre. There is ornamental columns erected in front of palaces on square, city carve, helium balloon, the multinomial view about such as crocodilian garden is nodded.
Along Dalian famous seaside route goes, (the car is guesthouse boss drives to still can be you to be become freely personally tourist guide and explanation) , dalian this city is a peninsula city, coasting is very long, whole seaside road
Have 50 much kilometers, the environment is very beautiful, was worth to look too. Still have 20 among them many tourist attractions. Can watch the night scene of Dalian in the evening.

The following day

The Dalian emperor that has great reputation namely nearby from astral sea square inferior marine world and astral sea park. Emperor inferior have the Asia's longest chunnel, , surrounding on four sides a variety of 300 10 thousand much end in ocean is marine fish, swim to swim beside you wonderful, foolish condition but the big chelonian of Ju, huge gigantic 鰩 , feral bullhead shark strolls in the top of head, still all sorts of performances can bring a lot of alarmingly dangerous and new move to you, really the aftertaste is boundless.

The 3rd day
Marvellous Chui island. Those who be located in seaside road east upright, be apart from downtown to make an appointment with 9 kilometers, it is the scenery resort that one place is main landscape with hill, sea, island, beach. Seating of famous guesthouse of marvellous Chui insularity falls here
Smack can be hired to go to sea in marvellous Chui island fishing price be to one's profit also can change swimsuit and sea to be contacted intimately

The fish that we angle is breathed out

The 4th day

Inscriptions beach, be apart from Dalian downtown 50 kilometers. Here 3 annulus sea, wintry warm summer is cool, climate is delightful, yan Mian the coasting of 30 much kilometers
Those who want an attention is inscriptions beach best oneself go seat coach goes or seeking advice from travel circuitry to be not cheated by travel agent a lot of travel agent are to be short of jin little two tourists take shopping place directly everybody is vigilant! !