Strategy of travel of Dalian inscriptions beach (a day of self-help swims)
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Set out from the hotel walked 2 minutes to reach a railway station in an instant on the west the light course terminus of side, the left and right sides took light course to head for park of inscriptions beach state 9:5, whole journey fare 8 yuan / person, time 40 minutes. Walk out of light course station, booking office of beach state park metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength namely on the side, we chose 10 yuan public transportation through ticket, sit a train or bus travelling only part of it's normal routine goes straight towards dinosaurian explore sea, Beethoven to resemble waiting for natural landscape continuously, get off, meet local fisherman to hawk sea Li child, tried, hold out nice and warm, very delicious, then 8 yuan of money took two bags. After on the spot eats, learning local catching edible seaweed along the seaside, the station appreciates maritime distant view on high dinosaurian megalith.

Be in less than at 11 o'clock continueing that take a train or bus travelling only part of it's normal routine to head for golf field probably, field is in whole go vacationing the most southwest face of the area, like us such coming loose the person that the guest goes there is very few, it is the tourist that bought 90 yuan through ticket to perhaps attend seaside of alleged inscriptions beach one day to swim commonly more, after so the driver of a train or bus travelling only part of it's normal routine sends initiative station other passenger, send us toward golf field again, he thinks midway a few times to turn us to other bus, but like us such coming loose the guest is peerless, still sent destination by him act against one's will. Arrived field, had been 11:10, the bus that sends us to come still must be gotten be in charge of remanding us other condition area, the driver gave us the time of quarter, on pitiful car other and unidentified be forced to await us to end as soon as possible patiently with respect to the tourist in, return again next.

The viatic group that play a ball game is very much, husband is right golf disinclination, still say my mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture, he is defended in field doorway, sit over, at the same time “ supervisory ” is worn that big bus leaves ahead of schedule in case. I am taking two children to touch collision to bumped to find the window that takes a ball eventually in a such new environments, a lot of guideSwimThe young lady waits over, do not have lane temporarily. Dizzy in longed to come eventually we 9 balls of 3 people, what forgot window clerk to say to me however is a few lane, nervous, take off a mouth to ask: “ Is am sorry, young lady, a few lane be? There are 3 to guide elder sister twists a head to change direction while ” is brushed look at me, I realize I made a mistake, how can “ say with the young lady? Did not hear a moment ago those a few guide elder sister all the time to clerk appellation belle ah, elder sister ah of what? ” I am a bit self-condemned, not bad, that clerk also may see more, include quite, do not have the meaning of blame, ah, I remember the “29” name number that she gives well rapidly, taking two children to go straight towards lane continuously. Holding bat for the first time, phony abide by is worn the coach's view, learning what see in TV to play a ball game appearance, when making the 3rd bar eventually, hit the ball successfully. 3 balls still are not to pass really addiction, regrettablly the car still is in waiting for us, if have enough time, drill well certainly on
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