Dalian food strategy - Dalian cate strategy
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This the travel of Dalian was not in actually food and shopping respect expenditure are too much, because be self-help,swim, timeline is gotten compact, like group journey in that way special time and opportunity were not used at shopping, because be,also endure fishing season, also did not plan originally how engorge eats what seafood especially. But still feeling of a few bagatelle is worth to say, the ass that have fun at people if touch,go up might as well try or write down sincerely.

Say food first, the person that has done a homework knows Dalian the platoon archives in the evening is quite famous, the guesthouse that I live is near the railway station, travel towards evening everyday return, those booth archives fall in grand pontoon with respect to the platoon, holding traffic thoroughfare wantonly, in person bearer the cry out in going to is worn the business that doing oneself, everyday in in and out, I also am attracted by them insensibly, cannot help curious, dug bout there pat archives after all to be worn in barbecue what? What is there OK and alluring my? Be in " the astral sea strategy that Dalian swims 4 days " in I already respecting, the first evening, shop on the road that go back, lingered a little while in two barbecue stall, the hotpot that discovers the 2nd stall is strung together fresher, bought 10 strings to bring two children, did not think of the son likes very much, I issue a building to linger in the barbecue booth around when the master repairs air conditioning with him made an on-the-spot investigation one time.

For safe for the purpose of, we dare not go far, it is the barbecue booth by the hotel stops a little while first, booth advocate very enthusiastic, know we love to eat hotpot to string together, promise a requirement, from inside newer place takes out in freezer, but very solid sincere, must in the order of arrival, so although beforehand if the thing is good,we inform him, we can want a lot of, but two flesh that I and son nod first are strung together or discharged a long time to just be turn for, far as Shanghai those astute merchant be observant and alert, ear listens all directions, leave no stone unturned the likelihood in one's hand the business accomplishs a hand. After eating, feel flavour is OK still, but grand pontoon is almost in light of the angle from the quantity 2/3 what issue that, under photograph comparing, of the flesh fresh degree different also, cook over a slow fire is here make (cook over a slow fire makes the flesh that discovers a lot of stall later is strung together, although can allow fry batter in a thin layer in that way,I think advocate what maintain the flesh to string together as far as possible is fresh, avoid a loss, but to the client character, that is indemonstrable such flesh is newest delicacy) , and then the home is very fresh however below grand pontoon not cook over a slow fire makes, it is to be in barbecue process rejoin of all sorts of condiment. After I and son discuss, still decide to go again patronage archives of the 2nd booth below grand pontoon.
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