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Take 10: The Shanghai of Na Hang flight of 50 sets out, to field of week water pickaback plane 12: 30 minutes, amuse oneself of park of sea of astral sea square, star arrives after entering a public house, went according to netizen introduction the glorious wineshop around has dinner, the price is not favourable, one soup spent 4 dish nearly 300, the seafood soup here is delicious nevertheless material is much, really pretty good.

Past brigade is suitable before ordering brigade to arrange the one group that day swims the following day, the price falls not expensive, regrettablly the time that you think to see the place gives is little, at one's own expenses the project is more, do not attend to be able to wait on board only, between special billow take time, the proposal would rather be bothered some, oneself think method goes, fall to still can play some more comfortably. The return trip arrived astral sea square went from the group bathhouse of Fu Jiazhuang seawater, the water here is really clear, suit go into business to swim very much, allegedly besides wooden club island with respect to here water quality is best. The cropland aunt that dinner thinks of to introduce on the net originally bakes butcher's, there is house of dumpling of a southeast Asia on discovery as a result, the decision tastes northward dumpling, do not have as expected disappointing, the price is not expensive, general leek dumpling, Chinese cabbage dumpling just 5 yuan a dish, flavour is very good, seafood dumpling is the most expensive, 25 yuan a dish, do not recommend, sexual price is compared not beautiful, still nodded an agaric to mix gallinaceous gizzard, flying crab gathers up aubergine, very delicious also, slant namely salty, the proposal asks chef taste is some weaker. 3 dishes of dumpling, 3 dish one soup, altogether just spent 130 yuan.

The 3rd day takes urban fast track to arrive inscriptions beach, whole journey 8 yuan, 50 minutes arrive inscriptions beach. Intense proposal does not buy couplet ticket, couplet ticket 90 yuan / person, the tourist attraction that inscriptions beach collects fees metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength predestined relationship (10 yuan) , strange stone house (10 yuan) in a way is worth to look, center of house of wushu of other such as, movie and TV (go in 5 minutes to be able to come out) , waxwork house (do not quite elephant, even 30 yuan) , golf (open a paragraph of big way, hit 3 balls to walk) , chase (open two guns adjourn plays) do not go will never letting you regret, went regretting absolutely. Buy piece 10 yuan of ticket, follow inside a day on along with below, the most amused tourist attraction dinosaur is carried on the back (see head portrait of dinosaurian explore sea, Beethoven) , gold coast, natural scene is beautiful it is free, in paddle of gold coast play, swim very enjoyable. If the bill that buy couplet goes with the group, time is completely wasteful waiting for support of the people to see man-made tourist attraction, true natural landscape does not have time appreciation, . The spending of inscriptions beach is not high also, the barbecue on edge of fast track station 5 yuan a squid that bake, 1 yuan a string of hotpot is strung together, around go vacationing the village is villatic 120 yuan a room, time can live one evening, appreciate the glow of the setting sun of edge of one go into business to the top of one's bent. Return city in the evening in, what experienced a place in the barbecue of Tianjin road seafood near the railway station is big archives is fastfood, the seafood price here is absolutely and cheap, one grail is various shellfish 10 yuan, scallop, oyster is 1 yuan / , abalone 5 yuan / , nodded some various string bake, fry shellfish, fry cake of face of type of langouste, chow mien, day to coil face, altogether just ate a few yuan.
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