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Because aviation course of development wanted to expire, want to go presumably, go Dalian. A certain number of pasts year ago had attended a meeting, before 2 still had played in the past, just accompany a family this to go to look so just, say a note simply.

Beijing K681, connect a sleeper, one station is nonstop, because estimation is more general 25G by the car, is not top class 25T, can be K word head only so, not be Z word head. And seemed to still appear to wait for in night avoid, dare not affirm, confused, it is 1 station arrives directly at least anyway, do not need even the bill to change, ah. Additional, the sleeper car that I am in did not sit full, estimate also with respect to the appearance of 80% .

Arrived Dalian stands, doorway old lady buys an atlas, 3 yuan, bought a piece, the result just took a few steps, another old lady of the doorway calls valence 2 yuan of resell, lean! Everybody should buy an atlas in the railway station, most 2 yuan, be sure to keep in mind!

Before comparing 2 years, do not have it seems that before the station so random, but also not disappear stops.

The train 8: 05 on schedul arrive (21: 57) , go so early the hotel is likely the room has not gotten ready, gave a railway station so, right hand side goes all the time, cross a street, go all the time, to crossing right-hand rotation. This place calls “ Qing Dynasty ” of slimy depression bridge, see the car that the friend says Dalian has 70% transient here. The friend that nags quite all right to going out so can consider to be in here, this place also has pretty good public house it seems that. 23 sit to go after crossing right-hand rotation astral sea square, the station is called “ to be able to exhibit central ” . The car is not much in the morning, probably 20 minutes or so attend a meeting exhibit a center, get off go forth, must go probably 10 minutes arrive astral sea square, carelessness of it doesn't matter is thought of, here has bit of Jilei, patchy look a few times with respect to OK.

See some friends say to had eaten ” of house of seafood of Mrs “ good congee here, also plan to try so, discovery, hum, really pretty good, recommend. 2 people 2 bowls of congee, 2 heat up dish, a bowl of rice, be like ability 70 odd. I like that dawdle seafood or pretty good ~ ~ was opposite, northeast dish estimates really big drop, appetite diminutive, took care, do not want much, wasteful and disgraceful!

This restaurant can exhibit central ” in “ near that station, railroad car is next to on the side, should be on the west of the driveway, everybody is OK oneself are advertent.

Satiate, remembering with concern the match of rocket team, take a car to turn back rapidly. This is more extravagant, live in day boat at one's own expenses, but the car that can exhibit a center to did not arrive over there, can accomplish Zhongshan square only. Found the vehicle of Zhongshan square so, car of the discovery after getting on a car carries TV to be in unexpectedly the game that broadcasts a rocket! Lean, too bright! ! ! Regrettablly journey does not calculate far, also do not block a car up, as it happens is in in Zhongshan square arrived when be about to rest, get off go toward the hotel rapidly.
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