Dalian swims 3 days, dalian 3 days of self-help swim, dalian travels 3 days
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Came back from Dalian, serve as the end of travel with this travel notes. Zhang of my running water of travel of travel notes = .
Set out 8:30 in the morning, 4 lines change 2 lines to arrive at subway of Long Yang road to stand, hurried to station of magnetism in suspension to close with small Peng Hui at 9 o'clock. Ticket of magnetism in suspension plays traffic lorry bank note one person 40 yuan, drive the regular bus 9:15, probably 78 minutes arrive Pudong International Airport. Control 9:40, find Check In bar of Na Hang, change good boarding check, chose a place that relies on a window, install check, 10 board the plane the mouth waits to board the plane. As a result of very be fed up with what wrap packet greatly to go out to travel, so this dress that wear has been worn basically be on the body, my baggage includes bag of a double shoulder and a portable travel bag, the feeling is compared so relaxed.

10:25, begin to board the plane, find our place, put away baggage takes off coat to sit calm, watched next plane interior spaces, this is row of 2 3 2, pretty good, multiplied the airlines with second photograph a bit bigger contrast eventually. Lunch aboard is done calm, say plane eat is insipid, I feel to still go, oneself are better feed. Probably with respect to a journey of half hours, feeling a few 3 lakes arrive Dalian week airport of Shui Ziguo border.

It is to want to take airport bus originally of the people road near guesthouse, regrettablly find, feel these traffic are indicative, what the airport of Dalian makes is very poor. method, hit then. Pull shipping square of democracy of beautiful bay big public house 8, according to the number on valuation card, I gave 32.6 yuan, driver master says the rental fare of Dalian is round, I oh, take baggage then, later my ascertain below, the driver's means wants the likelihood I am coming to 33 yuan, dizzy. . . Hotel Check In, 1907 rooms, arrived doorway, how to brush actually how to illuminate report, the fact proves, the door here opens rising is to should have craftsmenship, want to seek pair of seat, gently so one brandish, the door opened, sweat, the door of the hotel is seemingly so those who leave say. . . After rectifying oneself, we are pressed loosely easily gently beforehand plan, the brigade of the Dalian that begins us.

Arrangement of the first day is to swim afternoon street of amorous feelings of Japan of street of Tianjin of street of Russia amorous feelings, dinner goes barbecue of of one mind.

More successful, we were found be located in the street of Russia amorous feelings by triumphal bridge, obtain from the measurement of Google Earth, overall length of street of this amorous feelings does not arrive400 meters
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