The charm square of Dalian sea
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Entrance ticket price: 10 yuan / person, have student's identification card 5 yuan.
Public transportation circuitry: The proposal takes the archaize electric car of the charm square that leaves for the sea to the railway station
Open the door time: 7: 00 - 21: 00
Play time: 2 hour The charm square of the sea is seaside road northeast paragraph the entrance, the north of the charm park that also is the sea enters the mouth. With echo each other at a distance of astral sea square. Wide occasion accumulates 38 thousand square metre, the greenbelt that installs square, 12000 square metre by the shop of 13000 square metre is comprised with a lot of sculpture essay.
The white steel tube that square center has 5 curvature to differ gives priority to the sculpture of body, 19.9 meters long, indicative September 1999 is Dalian builds city 100 years; 21 volitant mew are indicative fly to 21 centuries; The sphere with 50 different measurement represents atomic structure namely, the implied meaning founds a state 50 years. It jumps jumped long dragon like, autograph cries " Hai Zhiyun " . The station is in square center, of greet is man-made chute. Its fall is 60 meters. The fountainhead of chute is divine boiler center. Treat the totemic garden of this crowded countless barpque figure, can understand: This is the home of spirit of an an ancient world, mankind. The Africa with gentle and graceful appearance of column of ground of fir of seaweed house, wood, paling and jar of water of the top of head, body girl, the ancient time that the face takes shape of types of facial makeup in operas to be like King Kong is fierce male, still have all sorts of totems such as woodpecker of station of big lizard of entity of this beak person, bosom, head. All without exception reflected person and nature between, the harmonious affinity between the mankind.
Square sculpture shares 5 groups of themes, " 3 " : Expression on the weekend a 3 scenes that the mouth watchs the sea cheerfully to go; " mother child affection " : In seaside garden, a youthful maternal look gives a son dedicatedly the circumstance that is bootlace;
" go angling " : On sea wall, fat thin tall go angling person fishing, back park is worn autocycle, mirrorred times changes while people has had to had been worn, begin pursuit to return to nature and spirit to enjoy. The most interesting is " play chess " : An old man sits on the wooden stool below shade of a tree, face the situation after the failure of an undertaking or after social unrest of a dish of chess, a lot of tourist are photographed here fell to be opposite with the old man of play chess wisdom person figure.
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