Dalian emperor inferior marine world
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Dalian emperor inferior the hotel books Http://www.518hotel.com near marine world

Entrance ticket price: Marine world: Polar world of + of 100 yuan of marine worlds: 150 yuan
Polar world of + of world of coral of marine world + : 180 yuan
Old person of 65 years old of the disabled, above by effective certificate half price. 1.3 meters the following (contain) children free of charge.

Time of carry out bill: 9: 00 - 16: 00 Saturday, day 9: 00 - 17: 20
Take car course: By 22, 23, 28, 406, 711, 202 801 buses, railroad car can be amounted to.
Play time: 2 hours

Dalian emperor inferior marine worldBe located in inside astral sea park, have the Asia's longest marine and transparent passage, it is the marine passageway aquaria of the 3rd generation, the data that the passageway uses is product of a kind of chemical industry, be called " Yakeli " , its ply is 0.06 meters, length 3.77 meters, it is the complete hemicycle that a diameter is 2.4 meters, every lengthen the integrated cost of rice to exceed 20 thousand dollar. It is afterwards Singapore the Asia after emperor cleans out the world end Sha Hai of great capacity of style of the first marine passageway of the biggest, China a group of things with common features house. Passageway length is located in an Asia the first, amount to 118 meters.
Tourist is just as thorough sea floor through a covered corridor or walk, it is seawater on four sides, the magical and blurred marine landscape in marine world will be mixed around the upper part in you all around. 300 a variety of, fish of ocean of 10 thousand much end and wear colour to take the diver like mermaid to be mixed in your the top of head beside swim to swim. Still have attractive coral cluster, pattern the seascape such as the reef of each different, seaweed that waves to wave, as if tentacle can be reached.
The rare fish of the ray that you still can see feral and martial shark, head does not have friend greatly, glowed tropical fish and world each district is planted, enter emperor inferior, you are an organic whole with sea be in harmony, all sorts of interesting fish will piece the move is childish the expression that innocent eye observes you, you can feel as close as what never had had between nature, the mankind and biology bound unexpectedly can such harmony is concomitant.

Eden of theme of ocean of type of the first scene of world -- world of Xin Shengya ocean
In emperor inferior on the foundation of marine world, large-scale brand-new of correcting building, investment amounts to 200 million yuan of RMBs, last a period of time two years. The group that makes world of Xin Shengya ocean assembled to include Europe and North America tens of year the elite of project of large You Le of different style characteristic, great Master of design of structure of level of the firm of 16 elite design that make, digital international assembles in emperor inferior, their thick Mo Chongcai stayed in Xin Shengya.
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