Travel of Dalian inscriptions beach goes vacationing area and discovery are regn
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Urban fast track The course that take a car only then hair Dalian railway station, station of market of home of classics censer reef, gold, spring station, hind harbor of station of station of driveway of saline station, Dalian bay station, gold, developing zone station, free tax zone, double D stands, terminus arrives at inscriptions beach. By fare of car price whole journey one-way run time is time of 8 yuan of whole journey 52 minutes or so. Both ends of car of beginning and end is early to developing car time 6: Arrive 30 minutes late 18: 30 minutes. Every 20 minutes time. Coach by the car the advantage is to be able to see a landscape, and very comfortable, the crowd that fits travel concept view is taken.

Entrance ticket price: Cover a bill 66 yuan / person, OK also and free tourist attraction buys a ticket. There is car of annulus road sightseeing inside scene area, hand in 10 yuan / person, can take arbitrarily. Sightseeing travel course is waxwork house - inscriptions beach is street - get together Xin cabinet - inscriptions garden - berth square - berth hotel - boundless blessing vessel - dinosaurian and recreational garden - dinosaur is carried on the back - dinosaurian and recreational garden - boundless blessing vessel - berth hotel - berth square - gold coast east - state guest bathhouse
Play time: A day of favourable information: Reserve Dalian hotel through Http:// of net of hotel of easy brigade Dalian, free Dalian travels one day to swim, inscriptions beach swims one day preferential price. Dalian hotel books a phone: 0411-85867810

Travel of inscriptions beach international goes vacationing area, be located in the eastpart part of Dalian urban district, Be apart from old urban district 58 kilometers, take car of travel fast track 52 minutes. Build a division formally 1992, be judged to be national travel to go vacationing area. Became travel of stage of AAAA of countrywide head home to go vacationing 2000 area. .
Inscriptions beach is in the respect such as recreation, meal, accommodation already the citizen is changed, let tourist feel kind fully. In gold coast, on 1000 beach summer house that prevent ultraviolet ray, tent, parasol is in charge of by inscriptions beach entirely appoint can centralized management, it is Dalian area is done not have exclusively individual management bathing place.
Inscriptions beach afforest is enclothed rate 46.2% , year index of average air quality 20, gold coast is by assess one of bathhouse of 15 health of countrywide seawater, it is the level of the first batch of states that approval of the State Council establishs travel goes vacationing one of areas.
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