Hong Kong Dinisile travels field
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Enlighten Si Ni Eden
Disinile sets Hong Kong field two unique characteristic tourist attraction, Disney thematic hotel, and adopt much posture more shop, food and recreational establishment, be permeated with mirth everywhere. Characteristic tourist attraction includes ave of small town of United States of dreamy scene area, expeditionary world, illusion world and tomorrow world, buddhist nun of dimension of the strange mice of cartoon character rice that still can search Dedisini inside Eden, Little Bear, beautiful magnolia, Cinderella, sleep the princess.

Hong Kong Disinile is field be located in Hong Kong Disney goes vacationing the thematic Eden of the area, it is Disinidi 5 enlighten Si Ni Eden. The subway sets special railroad Disney line contact glad bay station and Disney stand, come and go for the first special railway line Disney. Hong Kong Disinile garden theme song " let wonderful fly " by Hong Kong Disney reputation ambassador Zhang Xueyou advocate sing. And the government of Eden communicates a language to be English and Chinese (mandarin and Cantonese) .

Hong Kong the area of garden has Disinile only 40 much hectare, it is global area is the smallest enlighten Si Ni Eden. More marine than Victoria park and Hong Kong park is even petty. Nevertheless, eden of in the future still has many period extend project, among them project of extend of first phase is starring building.

Eden haply includes 4 themes division (California 8, florida and Tokyo each 7, paris 5) , with other Disinile garden close, include: Ave of American small town, expeditionary world, illusion world and tomorrow world.

Glad of big island hill bay

Open time
Average life: 10:00-19:00
Holiday: 10:00-21:00

Main traffic:
Disinile field bay of punt-pole of bamboo of hill of big island of new Territories of place Hong Kong, the bus receives refute, have the subway more the line arrives directly at Disney, traffic extend in all directions.
•Toward red 磡
Stand to pointed sanded chew by the subway, turn again take the train (east iron) to red 磡 , when needing 30 minutes.
•Toward Luo Hu
Stand to pointed sanded chew by the subway, turn again take the train (east iron) to Luo Hu, when needing.
•Toward the airport:
Stand to black clothes by the subway, turn to head for the airport by airport express again, want 19 minutes about.
•Toward flourishing horn:
Multiply when building the subway to need 20 minutes.
•Toward pointed sanded chew:
When needing by the subway 27 minutes.
•The annulus in going to:
Want 30 minutes about by the subway.
•Toward bay young
By build the subway to need 32 minutes only.

Inquire a phone
852 1-830-830

Consume a budget
Average life $295
Extraordinary time $350

Open garden time: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00/22: 00 (inspect holiday to differ somewhat)

Entrance ticket: Zhou Yi comes week of 5 adults 295 HK dollar, children (3 to 11 years old) 210 HK dollar, 65 years old or above better 170 HK dollar; On Saturday, day and extraordinary time (7, in August, 51 reach holiday of Hong Kong public with 11 golden weeks, all be " extraordinary time " ) adult 350 HK dollar, children 250 HK dollar, 65 years old or above better 200 HK dollar. 3 years old of the following children enter freely.
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