Square of Dalian star sea
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Take car line: Electric car of 202 23 road, light rail, 16, 406, 711, 28, the 801 buses such as the road can exhibit center or station of astral sea square to astral sea.
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Astral sea squareCover an area of a face to accumulate 1.1 million square metre, it is the Asia's biggest town square, built on June 30, 1997.
Central wide occasion accumulates 45 thousand square metre, this is a project that commemorates Hong Kong is returned to. Square center throughout the country's biggest white marble ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, 19.97 meters tall, diameter 1.997 meters. Base of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces with 8 dragon, shaft carve is worn one continuous line, a poetic name of China of China of 9 dragon implied meaning. Top of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces is sitting to look at Tian Hou glodenly, 2.3 meters tall. Around ornamental columns erected in front of palaces white marble stone column is 12.34 meters tall, what hold in the palm severally is a palace lantern. Square center is imitated the design of grave of zhuan3huan2 of Beijing the Temple of Heaven, by 999 Sichuan red marble is spread, months of on marble quarter months, 24 solar term and 12 any of the twelve animalses, the station photographs on his any of the twelve animals, can bring lucky. Diameter of the garden inside square 199.9 meters, outside round diameter 239.9 meters, dalian will greet the implied meaning to build city 500 years 2399.
Surround all round square is large music fountain, from square central highway center north is 500 meters to be able to exhibit a center all right, 500 meters of seas that are blue go south, central highway red brick lays the ground, two side green grass is like the sea. Back of astral sea square leans on city, be faced with ocean, breadth of mind making a person is open.

Astral sea can exhibit a centerIt is the building of sex of a mark of Dalian city, be apart from Dalian railway station 5 kilometers, be apart from Dalian harbor 8 kilometers, be apart from Dalian International Airport 10 kilometers, be apart from China all the way- - Shenyang is big the freeway enters the mouth 12 kilometers. build this place, should come with this namely aggrandizement is coastal the function of central city, center of Dalian building information, trade centre, pair of diplomacy shedding of farther stimulative Dalian and even whole and northeast area. The center covers an area of 86 thousand square metre, floor area 94 thousand square metre, underground, the ground 4, no matter be in quality of design, construction, on in-house still establishment, can calls international advanced level, can exhibit a house first-rate to rival with the world. The international clothing division of Dalian, firework cracker section, large part such as the trade fair celebrates an activity to be set here, here all the year round very lively.
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