Dalian self-help swims
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The 1st day (Zhongshan square - park of tiger beach ocean - baculine Chui island - Beijing University bridge - Fu Jiazhuang - bathhouse of astral bay seawater - astral sea square - astral sea park - Hei Shijiao - people square) the triumphal square before the railway station or dock.

The 2nd day (inscriptions golf club - the inscriptions waxwork house, house that enjoy rock - inscriptions beach yacht club - inscriptions beach international chases club - park of inscriptions predestined relationship - park of sculpture of inscriptions beach superhuman strength - blue sea mountain villa) in censer reef takes a city, round-the-clock in inscriptions beach country travel goes vacationing the area is visited (golf field, dried meat like house, houseboat, chase park of sculpture of garden of field, inscriptions, superhuman strength, medium the beach swims) . Mountain villa of blue sea of classics of the road in return road looks around.

The 3rd day (Bai Yushan - triumphal tower - east relics of war of Russia of cockscomb hill day - Dalian bay fort - brigade arranges museum - site of day Russia prison - in Su Youyi tower - brigade arranges a railway station - Su Jun cemetery of revolutionary martyrs - snake kind zoology museum) in black, visiting the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and relics of day Russia war: Tower of Bai Yushan, victory, east site of prison of Russia of suitable museum of fort of cockscomb hill north, fort visitting a station, brigade, day, brigade arranges island of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs of read smoothly of railway station, brigade, Su Jun, snake to exhibit a house. Return Dalian city towards evening inside (Cheng of 1 hour of cars) .