Travel of channel glacial valley takes car line
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Take car course: Dalian railway station takes luxurious bus, everyday 6: 20- - 16: 30, every 40 minutes an order; Or from boreal hillock bridge station of long-distance passenger transportation takes a car
, everyday 4: 20- - 16: 20, every 10- - 20 minutes an order. To Zhuang He what channel glacial valley reachs in change after the station is common in cling to,
Everyday 6: 40 to 16: 40, every half hours an order (fare: 7.5 yuan) .
Dalian arrives directly at a car to what put valley channel on the ice: Boreal hillock bridge long-distance passenger transportation stands, everyday early 6: 05 have a car (fare: 22-34 yuan) .
Entrance ticket price: Cover a bill 100 yuan.
Play time: A day