History of Dalian forest zoo reviews
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Brief introduction of Dalian forest zoo

Dalian forest zoo is located in southeast the urban district, cent period circle raises area and 2 period feral put in a suitable place to breed area two parts: First phase circle raises an area to be located in inside beauty spot of water of white cloud wild goose, welcome a visitor at opening garden formally on May 24, 1997, here green hill water of verdant, green jade ripples, air is pure and fresh and delightful, element has " natural oxygen cabin " say; The animal raises a form to exhibit with the circle, basket abandon depend on hill and build, send the rurality of peaceful harmony completely; Garden area landscape looks be like natural day to become the intention that does not show architect and wright without one place however at elaborate, outstanding is nature, delicate. 2 period feral put in a suitable place to breed garden built on September 12, 2000, optional location is southeast the urban district seaside a section of a highway, with be being planted greatly group, feral the form that put in a suitable place to breed exhibits an animal, at the same time complementary exhibit in order to cover an area of the 10 thousand large selva houses of smooth rice the plant flowers and plants that north sees inaccessibly, outstanding is atmosphere, shock. One, area of 2 period garden is linked together by cableway, can watch hill scene already, also can look at seascape, combining article of state religion division to organize the unfeignedly after a senior official been visittinging Dalian forest zoo to praise this is " in letting the mankind live in the urban environment that did not pollute, let an animal live in the environment that disturbs without the mankind " the zoo of high grade.

The total program area of Dalian forest zoo is 7.2 square kilometer, cover an area of a face to accumulate 180 hectare. In first phase the circle is raised area and 2 period feral the animal that puts in a suitable place to breed be revealed inside the area has more than kinds 200, 3000 bull () , have the protective animal of a variety of state level among them, also have a lot of rare animal variety that introduce from abroad. If you chose to visit a circle to raise animal area, so, you are OK footloose, unrestrained in the bosom that the ground roams in nature, enjoy vernal sunshine, fresh air to the top of one's bent, enjoy with be known as " activation stone " the Asia of the chimpanzee of giant panda, beautiful golden monkey, Chong Ming, wisdom is elephant, sober and the ounce of beauty, gluttonous and mischievous bear, decorous red -crowned crane, lubricious bright-coloured beauty appears clamorous and noisy however all sorts of, appreciate the mood of their feeling changes, perhaps, you may concern new-styly between mankind of reasonable fixed position and animal afresh reach get along mode; If you chose to go feral put in a suitable place to breed the area looks around, so, you can be experienced lying between glass and wild animal the sort of shock that 0 distances contact. From what you ascend bus of the sightseeing inside garden area that rises momently, excited with Jing will travel together all the way with you without the stimulation of danger: The car goes to African area, you perhaps can see the antelope of group goes straight towards that from this, mix in the zebra group medium giraffe browses in unruffled ground or regurgitation; Waited for you to arrive high mountain area, before the ostrich of swarm perhaps can block the car that takes in you, free from restraint the ground is striding measured steps or ostentation is worn the dance appearance of their courtship, a bit is not anxious also, and those alpaca that come from South America and our country western the blue sheep that come gets along very intimately, perhaps, among them that you look at conspicuous least of all fellow is one class protection wild animal of our country -- Tibetan Asiatic wild ass or Mongolia Asiatic wild ass; Inside stray dog area, lucky you also are permitted can meet the stray dog of dash against unable to go to school people enjoying their fresh and delicate big eat; The yak of Asian area and camel perhaps can be appreciated with letting you trifling the amorous feelings western, and the big eye that beautiful and gentle and quiet sika is using her to be able to talk then is looking attentively at you softly; Inside area of beast of prey, a the bear that perhaps is a clumsiness, piquant minor tiger or it is a kind of Jovian male lion, sticking glass and you to confront each other. Nevertheless, your not need fears, our tourist car is sure absolutely, and, these seeing be like fierce animal not to imagine so awfully like you actually, you can count a tiger after all to a few beard, tongue that sees bear can eat honey well with nearby!
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