Beijing travels to Dalian
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Privilege of Dalian hotel Http:// orders entrance ticket of Dalian forest zoo: ?00 of bright of straightforward advice of  of yellow to joke yuan / person

Zoo of ★ Dalian forest: Be located in draw near according to hill the sea, inside the beauty spot of white cloud hill of attractive scenery, it is the whole nation first4AClass tourist attraction. North of the panda that there is Beijing zoo to give in garden, Japan 9 continent given kangaroo and northeast tiger, ursine, baboon, chimpanzee, zebra, giraffe, Asia resembles size panda to wait for more than kinds 150, 4000 bull () rare animal, outstanding on animal breed " novelty is special " , " kinds big group " , " fewer but better " characteristic, in exhibit raise means to go up to raise and come loose with the circle raise give priority to, natural view is stressed on environmental processing, form the perfect union of humanitarian landscape and natural landscape. The zoo is raised by the circle area and medicinal powder the composition that raise an area, two garden area by full-length1200 meterscableway join. The circle raises an area to basically grow the functional section such as kind of garden outside exhibiting area, Xiong Shan, Asia to resemble integrated and house, natural groove guard, garden to become by hill of tiger of herbivore area, lion, spirit; Medicinal powder raise area criterion by on foot area and animal put in a suitable place to breed section is become, the tourist should sit inside sightseeing bus car to view and admire, whole journey cannot get off.
Entrance ticket: Busy season: Adult 80 yuan (contain cableway) , children 40 yuan, hold student's identification card to enjoy half price privilege; Off-season: (On November 1On March 31) 60 yuan (do not contain cableway) , children 30 yuan.
Traffic is how-to: The circle raises an area, 4, 404, 702, 706 buses in Na Shi market station gets off; 525, 529, 715 buses stand in silvan zoo get off. Medicinal powder raise an area, 5, 541, 702 buses in seaside station of Lu Yinsha beach gets off.

★ labor park: Be located in depression bridge of downtown green mud, be apart from make an appointment with south the railway station500 meters, it is the one part part with the largest urban district is visited, activity of You Le, have a rest, culture the has Ou Shifeng case quite modern city park at an organic whole. Be called " of Dalian indicative " large football system builds artistic house to be located inside the park. The park is outstanding and optimistic, connect fully, natural characteristic, on broad square lawn, medicinal powder putting domesticate the dove of the group that has element, peacock, red -crowned crane, sika, person and animal play so closely, this is in home can weighs a special skill. The pleasure ground that park south builds also implements scale quite, sledge of dry land of the first double track inside its China the times favour that accepts tourist. Gorge is the You Le installation with the largest investment in labor park adrift, also be one of projects of seaborne You Le with northeast the most notable area.
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