Circuitry of high-quality goods of channel glacial valley swims one day " person
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Line brief introduction Line range:Village river city visits a day to count:1 provides line:Travel agent circuit grade:B traffic means:Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning is primitive quote:¥ 300 Favourable quote:¥ 220The journey explains Scheduling:Set out in the morning: Swim the area of say scene of channel glacial valley of northward small Guilin, tree of smoke of door of dam of Yun Shuidu chute, firm rock in midstream, double Long Hui, double dragon, cloud, pull amorous feelings of Sheng Feng, inclined stone, nation peak of peak of field of horse of channel of valley of garden, ice, Yu Nvfeng, prostrate, goddess, clever concealed. Charge specification:1. Contain tourist attraction entrance ticket 2. Contain cost of tourist guide cost, fare, pass by 3. Do not contain eat to expend service specification:Come every year in April on October 10 the middle ten days of a month every day hair car
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