Circuitry of high-quality goods of old iron hill swims one day
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Line brief introduction Line range:Travel suitable tourism crosses false area to visit day of number:1 provides line:Travel agent circuit grade:B traffic means:Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning is primitive quote:¥ 260 Favourable quote:¥ 180The journey explains Scheduling:Set out in the morning: Channel of Bohai Sea of crossing of hundred years beacon, Zhang Jian enters hill of boundary of yellow Bohai Sea, old iron water dot, park of peace of hot spring of type of day of old iron hill, world (peace ambassador of psalmodic, folk collects dynast peace of inscriptive, 100 countries 100 countries gun salute of epigraph, peace) , brigade arranges local speciality to taste terminal market. Charge specification:1. Contain tourist attraction entrance ticket 2. Contain cost of tourist guide cost, fare, pass by 3. Do not contain food expenses, snake island to ascend a boat to expend 120 yuan / the person serves a specification:Every Monday, 3, 5, day sends a car. Time of line of hot spring of old iron hill: Annual on October 15 - second year on April 15. Record anguine island time by ship: Annual on May 1 - on October 15.
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