Inscriptions beach is luxurious high-quality goods circuitry swims one day
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The price: Hotel of ¥ 130/ person: Journey of astral grade level:

Inscriptions beach tourist attraction: Badge with sb on it of the house of golf 

field, waxwork, house that enjoy rock, Mao Zedong displays sea of head portrait of 

house, Beethoven, dinosaurian explore, look around 

The sea grinds park of predestined relationship of high-tech center, inscriptions, 

get together Xin cabinet shops, berth of interesting garden of apartment of 

international conference center, external affairs, day, inscriptions, by 

Mosquito craft watchs feral cowfish 60 yuan (provide for oneself) . 

Inside city free tourist attraction: House of state guest of wooden club island 20 

yuan, tiger beach marine park 15 yuan, house of polar and marine animal 90 yuan, 

sea animal house 30 yuan, world 

Stage of scene of trade edifice view 40 yuan, lamplight night scene swims 30 yuan.  

  (the entrance ticket inside city provides for oneself) 

Contain fare, tourist attraction cost, guide take cost, insurance premium 

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