Channel of valley of ice of northward small Guilin is luxurious high-quality goo
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The price: Hotel of ¥ 220/ person: Journey of astral grade level:
Yun Shan crosses smoke of door of dam of chute, firm rock in midstream, double 

Long Hui, double dragon, cloud tree, pull amorous feelings of Sheng Feng, 

inclined stone, nation horse of channel of valley of garden, ice 

Ferry of river of day of peak of field, Yu Nvfeng, prostrate, goddess peak, a 

gleam of, flower accept. (the middle ten days of a month will come to will send a 

car every day on October 10 in April) 

Contain fare, cover ticket, meal cost, guide take cost, insurance 

Early 7: 30, 8: 00 hair car 

Afore-mentioned journeys and quote all have the travel agent of aptitude to offer by Dalian this locality, specific service and gathering are offerred by the travel agent that has aptitude
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