The room is booked on the net free Dalian brigade arranges a day to swim
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Favourable activity: Every is passed " net of hotel of easy brigade Dalian " reserve Dalian hotel, every room can enjoy 1 person free

Travel activity (specific line is as follows) , associate of person of the same trade enjoys 50 yuan of privilege! Trailer coach is received freely to the hotel send,

Travel books a phone: 0411-85867810, hint for your journey the phone makes an appointment happily, smoothly please!

A: ? is suitable: Area of scene of white Mt Jade 25 yuan(armour midday ancient artillery piece, see naval port) , naval weapons shop 15 yuan

(provide for oneself) , Museum scene area 8 yuan, Of the world most snake kind creeping house 38 yuan , torch is loose, in revive

Friendship tower, historical museum exterior, local speciality terminal market, crocodilian garden 50 yuan (provide for oneself) , 10 thousand faithful

Grave 10 yuan, marine biology institute, treat triumphal tower.

Return the tourist attraction visits to be as follows inside city: Astral sea park, world of Xin Shengya sea floor 100 yuan (provide for oneself) , new
Emperor inferior polar world 80 yuan (provide for oneself) , astral bay square, seaside road, bird's nest mountain, beijing University bridge, group
The tiger goes straight towards exterior of sea tiger beach.  
Sweet clew: Above circuitry is divided make clear provide for oneself all include outside the tourist attraction it is in quote, provide for oneself tourist attraction tourist is OK
Choose to whether need according to oneself circumstance freedom, serve as only recommend! ! !  
Quote: 90 yuan / person
If you encounter the thing with malcontent what to ask in the journey,contact with us: 0411-81300353, we will be used up
Force talks things over for you solve! Zhu Dalian's travel is happy! 
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