Dalian beer division is made " Oriental Munich "
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With " passionate beer division, romance is in Dalian " those who give priority to a problem 2007 division of China International beer will on July 26, will be in Dalian city on August 6 astral sea square is held. Beer division of 12 days will reflect by a definite date adequately internationally, the characteristic of of a mass character, cultivation, amusement, abound the recreational recreational activities of citizen and tourist, let beer division make the brand of Dalian tourism.
Division of China International beer is held from 1999 up to now already 8 year, before 3 are held in Beijing. Move from 2002 after division Liaoning Dalian, each square joint efforts is reached to fall in federation of Chinese light industry and government of Dalian city people, it is especially below the support of your kind effort of group of beer of each big international, country, division of China International beer does to have authority more more. Especially the friendly association with division of German Munich beer, got job further inside approbate extensively, to " Oriental Munich " the target strode one pace.
This beer division will gather together group of numerous domestic and international famous beer is participated in, not only all of big group of Yan Jing, Qingdao, Hua Runsan is present, pearl River, 100 power, the brand such as the morning sun attends actively also. The delegation of division of German Munich beer that leads by Munich deputy mayor also will bring former juice raw ingredient, those who be full of Bavarian amorous feelings " Munich beer pavilion " .
On the base that runs beer red-letter day successfully, hold still just show originality the ground rolls out beer baby to choose contest, beer knowledge contest, culture of contest of citizen DV, photography, placard design contest, beer is exhibited, contest of beer contest drink, make one's rounds swims 10 activities such as lottery of performance, entrance ticket, establish zone of activity of a few big characteristic, respectively core performs square of art area, ornamental columns erected in front of palaces to reveal area, Munich area of orgiastic area, folk-custom amorous feelings, move feeling entertainment division.
With Cheng Hui of beer division set each other off still have " two meetings are exhibited " -- , fair of China International food and Chinese food industry grew exposition of arts and crafts of the 4th forum, China and Dalian international 2006 classic furniture exposition, pull each other with beer division move, increased the force of beer division further.

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