Dalian inscriptions beach discovers kingdom
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A mysterious and old blackart world, one filled the space with different region amorous feelings and humanitarian history, unplug in inscriptions beach the ground and case, in the dreamy country that exceeds an imagination in this, area of 6 big themes, each are bearing the weight of the story of an exciting; Each story, metropolis rouse dreams toward what Huaxi picks up.

Discovery is regnal brief introduction of area of 6 big themes:
One, discover square
Discover square, it is the start that discovers kingdom finds a dream, this is the passageway of park of tourist pass in and out not only, also be to buy the place that has commodity of characteristic of park theme culture and have a rest. Move back and forth between the thematic sculpture of square and lake heart building, diminutive strong song and dance builds a delighted and enthusiastic atmosphere, lovely cartoon character roams meantime, the tourist can be in slow rhythm, savour assemble the move is classic the building of the Victoria that is together with contemporary and perfect union, experience the amorous feelings of American commerce ave.

Equipment of main You Le:
Ave of 1 , United States: Commodity of theme of park of craft gift, theme, commodity, and the ave confectioner meal that is full of American amorous feelings and recreational establishment, whole ave surrounds those who compose a small-sized scale " nightly recreation center " .
2, bridal hall: Discover square is proximate have " of bridal hall of " of olfactory of European mediaeval century, have royal wind model the bridal hall that builds a style, the corridor garden of beautiful romance and statuary, offer a dinkum Europe type wedding for the tourist.

Thematic culture:
Lively and flourishing American business culture
Discover to there is Victoria type everywhere on square " American ave " structure style, "American ave " of two side is inn builds shopkeeper of a chain of different formative. These buildings that having strong theme color besides the Victoria style besides sex of rich and polychromatic colour, the American red-letter day that also filled a tradition celebrates atmosphere, what belt of American ave seat goes out is intense and boundless imagines a space, still have cafe, bar and partial public place of entertainment besides the shop.

Festooned vehicle

2, legend castle

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