Home Inns Suzhou Lazi signing Going to accelerate expansion of Ginza
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October 15, 2010, Going International Group developed the "Going to Ginza" and the nation's largest hotel brands such as hotel chains, Marriott Hotel in Suzhou as hotels stationed, held a grand signing ceremony. The success of the ceremony, marking the east and the whole New Ginza hotel service standards of high-level nature of the change will occur.

Joined forces to create a model of New high-quality business mansion

Party of the partnership as a representative, Going International Group General Manager that the choice of signing with the Home, the first is to consider that the company has the brand influence, the second is a wealth of hotel services such as home experience is worth learning, such as the home for the third, " Going Ginza "features a complete set of tailored services program.

If the first hotel to introduce the concept of its international service, the future will focus on "Going to Ginza," the brand identity, specifically for the owners to provide an innovative service solutions, and strive together to create very unique standard of service. Suzhou, east to Ginza line to create high-quality urban business purpose of residence, and strive to make "Going to Ginza" has become a model for similar projects, efforts to promote product upgrade 2010 east Ginza acceleration.

Such as the location of the hotel carefully hand Suzhou Going Ginza

Home Inns hotel chain in the country has developed rapidly in recent years. To date, Home Inns brand has covered more than 30 provinces and municipalities, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, Dalian and other major business in more than 130 cities in China, the country has over 700 chain Hotel, is the largest economy hotel chain brand. October 26, 2006 Home in the United States formally listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, listed after the concept became one of the hottest on Wall Street.

Home Inns opened each hotel, to be well thought out. In particular, in relation to the hotel site, more cautious, because this is often the ultimate success or failure of hotel investment relationship. At the site, be sure to choose in the business district, financial district, office and other main streets. Of better transport facilities, transportation radiation stronger, especially for public transportation can be arrived at as the preferred place.

Going to the selection and co-creation of Ginza Hotel, is such as hotel chains expand an important step in the East China market. Site east to Ginza, the main geographical location is the value of the project, and Going International Group, strong economy and brand effect.

Going to commercial real estate + Hotel Ginza highlights the brand value of investments

Recently, with the introduction of a number of macro-control measures, residential investment boom began to cool, in the central control policy under the influence of more funds flock to the commercial real estate, commercial real estate began to boom ushered in a new round of attention. Industry are generally optimistic about the future development of commercial real estate, real estate market booming, the commercial real estate has brought unlimited business opportunities.

The process of continuous development in the city, foreign expansion is inevitable, and the central transfer is welcomed by all, where the main road east to Silver Hill Road, New District, located in the Yangtze River Road Interchange, enough to become the new district's future core region. In addition, the project is adjacent to light rail Line 1 and Line 3, 5 minute walk to the rail site, improve the accessibility world (see map) (Forum News)! Emerald Square, RT-Mart and other commercial and residential support in close proximity, well-known ecological park in Suzhou - He Shangong Park, a few steps to enhance the ecological value of a straight line! With the cooperation with such as hotels, investment value is self-evident!

To congratulate the contract, such as home, east to the truth Ginza launch triple gift back to clients:

First Rites, October 23, 2010 sent to the subscription, such as hotels east Ginza Gold (The Gold National General, such as hotel occupancy 88 off).

The second ceremony, subscribe now enjoy "a hundred days into the money" purchase plan, that is, October 17, 2010 -2010 subscription on October 24 east to Ginza, the customer will enjoy the daily unit price of 100 yuan / square increment the purchase offer.

The third important ceremony, one-time payment 97 fold, 98 fold the mortgage.