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Dalian scenery picture

Go Dalian plays is accidental. When a few busy the brother of a chapel collect goes to Zhou Wu to discussing where to should turn on the weekend together in the evening, “ goes of Dalian ” offer to was carried to go up desktop.

Actually Peking Man likes to go out to play very much, on the weekend 35 accompany, get on a car to go out go for a walk of go for a walk is best relaxation, nevertheless this is closer place commonly, drive go it is a little far that Dalian seems to return. Since drive,go the person of Dalian is not much still, then we should go more, should be to give the broad elders of a country or district of Beijing to do contributive —— to become a forerunner.

   Such driving Zhen Shuang

The early morning Saturday sets out, the one subaltern in journey stops have a meal, a few small rest, in postmeridian 2:30, we arrived at Dalian. Estimate the journey of this near 1000 kilometers so, how to also get the day brushs black ability to be able to arrive over there, as a result we shifted to an earlier date 3 hours.

This drives all the way the sense that come over is really good still. At first we are suspecting all the time, peking Man drove once upon a time those who come over is little, this because disrelish need to drive so long car,won't be, feel too far. Look now, still had tried this line because of very few somebody, most person just feels inside brain too far, changed a mind easily. Actually, get rid of the chunk time that have a meal, most 7 half hours enough, all the way, wear with friend rotate drive, chat a little, hear music, time went very quickly.

The most crucial is, because catching up with dry,crisp air of autumn season, all the way scene is wonderful, the person of the same trade's brother says: “ drove without what resemble such bright for ages. ” we just go ahead northeast, enter namely actually close, go deeper, feel empty to enrage fresh, sky to also come more more clear, going up plus northeast earth is green everywhere green crops, scan widely looks, dinkum blue sky and green wild, both union is together, make popular feeling medium have calm of a kind of inarticulate.

   The person that go gives directions

Drive go out to play, on the road anything but too can painstaking, it is destination to having the view of day of hole of celestial being bound otherwise, the energy that also can let a person and mood sell at a discount greatly. Such all the way scenery air is good, good, the state of mind is first-rate also.

Dalian scenery picture

  Understanding Dalian is the clearest
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