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The person is in journey, everywhere all scenery, the tourist guide also is a scenery, the tourist makes a sightseeing tour below the tourist guide's organization, enjoying that natural environment that person.

In Dalian, what make a conduct a sightseeing tour to us is a middleaged lady, surname a surname, tall, plump, raise one's hand is cast sufficient a the sort of temperament that has northward woman.

Dalian be similar in shape the bow of an a large ship sails to the sea, southeast all previous to Yellow Sea, northwest is close to the Bohai Sea, look with Korea peninsula photograph, clutch Bohai Sea bay in all with Shandong, north depends on northeast 3 provinces are capacious hinterland, element has ” of ” of portal of “ Beijing ferry and “ northeast window say, situation is very advantageous. Dalian is very young, but …… of diamond of first-rate of the the the haven that best fine of proud —— China is full of in her heart, the largest ship, sweetest apple, least abalone, character still has “ football city the countryside of ” of city of fashionable dress of ” , “ and “ track and field the beauty of ” . This is Introduction Song Dao to Dalian, political sex is strong, word of yellow without the “ that southern tourist guide likes ” .

Song Dao makes a conduct a sightseeing tour already more than 10 years, experience of it may be said often arrives, recieve us the “ of more than 10 people is close child round ” , it is do a job with skill and ease really. The Song Dynasty guides the arrangement that gets on hodometer throws into confusion completely, the tourist attraction such as people square, Zhongshan square, we are looked at by the window on board, call it by a good name of: The car swims. (reason is to cannot jockey)

Song Dao recommends for us mainly exclusive swim at one's own expenses the project is park of tiger beach ocean. Going in park road, song Dao tells us, there are a lot of You Le projects inside the park, can go to house of polar and marine animal watching polar animal and marine animal show, fare 100 yuan; Go happy theater watchs a show, fare 40 yuan; Go to coral house seeing phreatic water perform, fare 35 yuan, park entrance ticket 15 yuan. If see nod only not be to one's profit, best 3 the dot goes, can enjoy favourable ticket 190 yuan, if she goes buying organization ticket, OK still and favourable go to 160 yuan. In Song Dao one step by step go canvassing falls, decision of my one gnash one's teeth accompanies the child to look together. Our group has two men to did not go only.

The huge crowd of people in the park, the time of 3 performances is lain between very nearly, song Dao is taking our elephant to drive a place where people gather for various purposes when Gong Mingxing like 3 performances and two houses saw one after another like a lantern with paper cut figures of men, look I am dazzlingly, whacked. Nevertheless, also have many results, the child acquired concerned deep-sea knowledge here, experience the mysterious Mo Ce of marine world, those who appreciate contemporary high-tech to reveal a method is wonderful. In performance field, a performance such as the ballet in wonderful water, mermaid, sea lion, cowfish, let us (especially the child) get joy.
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