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Dalian travel notes

Brigade is suitable piece

More than 100 have a warlike happening to be arranged in brigade before New Year, this war is war of historic day Russia. Dalian is a young city, the history that wants to understand Dalian must be gotten go brigade is suitable.

Take trailer coach to leave Dalian urban district about one hour or so, we arrived at brigade to arrange. The tourist attraction here is more, and do not center. We cry to first east the place of fort of cockscomb hill north, here has a monument, this monumental architectural is very simple, but look appear majestic and solemn and respectful. There still is memorial hall of war of Russia of a day around this, there is the hangover that stays when the war in those days in memorial hall, still have picture at that time warlike course. That war up to now full centenary, but the hole of artillery shell blast and embrasure are clear still stay in fort around.

Gave memorial hall I saw a special travel is round, its special place depends on this tourism group is old people entirely, and each spirit is hale and hearty, alight. Apparel to also be mixed our Chinese is not quite same, I feel very strange, notice to remove them to come, a few old people discover I am seeing them, also stopped footstep, looking me up and down up and down, I very indissoluble. Abrupt, an old person said ” of は of ち of に of ん of こ of a “ to me, I understand immediately, so these old people are Japanese entirely, and age is about the same, look and the battle that here once had produced is having deep source, I had learned the Japanese of period of time, the ” of は of ち of に of “ こ ん that also retaliates a standard immediately. The old person listens I say a word, smiling to leave, my heart thinks those old people regarded me as by accident Japanese! I and fellow said this thing, they also feel comical.

We ascended a hill as the tourist guide, there are two big guns on this summit, here makes look at stage fort, the gun muzzle of two cannon falls to hill continuously, situation is admirable.

After visitting the warlike relics with suitable brigade, we visited house of base of pearl breed aquatics, snake and crystal treatment base all the way. This comes of without a stop we are hungry, in brigade downstream fruit terminal market bought a few fruits temporary allay one's hunger, etc return Dalian urban district to buy seafood to answer him hotel to machine again. Went to the urban district to ask about our group person to come to seafood big market all the way, here various sea product have everything that one expects to find. We bought the seafood such as a few crab, shrimp, conch and squid, preparation goes back engorge, had passed seafood strong interest.

We go to the night scene that astral sea square watchs Dalian city again after dinner.

Play seascape by day, eat happy immensity of seafood, life in the evening. Dalian is China's famous travel city, this the brigade of Dalian makes me very unforgettable.
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