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Bohai Sea bright phearl - - Dalian is me yearning long already seaside city, although know 7, August just is to swim the optimal season of Dalian, but still taking the advantage of 51 long holidays went the Dalian with my loving place. Carrying runway of airport of my edge Pudong when the morning shift plane of Shanghai Airline very quickly and when rising, my heart is excited unceasingly, to realized an old dream again eventually jubilation.

Like a year of half Xiamen before self-help swims same, before setting out, I did many homeworks on the net, the net that carry Cheng, Dalian travel net first impression that gave me Dalian, make I already was not in however to Dalian network advanced position Dalian, such I can arrange 5 days of routes in Dalian leisurely.

Day 1 sits the morning shift plane of Shanghai Airline flew to field of pickaback plane of Dalian week water 8:50 in the morning, whole range. Arrived at Dalian 10:35, gave the airport to go to the road that greet a visitor to take 710 to green mud depression bridge all the time forth (the downtown region of Dalian, the railway station is on, the terminal that it may be said is a bus) change falls 2 times to emancipatory road, walk many minutes 10 next to the Hai Yun that is located in tiger beach beauty spot rounding off of international youth brigade lives, brigade is abandoned is an ex-service missile destroyer -- 104 naval vessel. Because thinking from the back a few days may change residence, so nearby visited park of tiger beach ocean that day afternoon. Polar and marine house is my the first place that wants to look, the entrance ticket that checks on the net so is 90 yuan, but arrived there,ability discovery rose in price, and sell without single bill, must a buy ticket, containing the minimum price of polar house to cover a bill is 150 yuan, include language of house of park entrance ticket, coral, bird among them house of Lin Heji ground.

Polar shop is really good, a few see the polar animal that be less than at ordinary times, wait like whale of penguin of polar bear, monarch, become known, sea-ox. The funniest is sea otter, have a good swim comfortably in water leisurely, outside disregarding big glass right-down, think and its photographic is numerous tourist, is the sort of carefree and content bearing makes the person can'ts help sighing with emotion after all our tourist is in view and admire it or is it admiring us? Allegedly the most absorbing in polar house should belong to marine animal performance, everyday many perform period of time, tourist can be in at the beginning of entering a house, go ahead of the rest understands, arrange again next view and admire a course. But the person was too much really that day, I shift to an earlier date half hours to reach show house, huge crowd of people already was over there, the place that does not say to sit connected standing room to also be done not have namely, who let us be driven in 51 golden weeks? Besides this bit of small regret, polar house still is worth to go.
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