Dalian 5 day self-help swim -- classical tourist attraction is absolutely c
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Visit Dalian, it is the dream that I come to a few years, dream to come true eventually recently. Dalian is the place that an absolute value must go to, have the sea, beach not only, having absolutely cate more, the enthusiasm of local also makes I grace to the impression of Dalian many. Now these days the circumstance is reported one by one, with everybody communication, hope to be able to go to the plan more the You You of Dalian people help somewhat.
Day1: Take T225 second train to reach Dalian railway station by Beijing (take 140 yuan forcedly) . 101 immortal streets are taken to get off after giving a station, change village of 708 bays home gets off, reach friend home. Set out afternoon, to immortal market change by 708 4 come tiger beach, visited park of most famous ocean of Dalian tiger beach. 4 sit to return Olympic square later, visit Olympic square and people square, take 708 to bay home village again, northeastern farmhouse courtyard has dinner.
Note: 1, tiger beach park, it is the most beautiful theme park that I had seen, especially polar house must go, there was marine animal show at 3 o'clock afternoon, intense proposal films with digital machine whole journey performance, scarcely empty visit. There is an animal inside the house, still have the polar animal such as penguin, polar bear. There still is other recreation establishment inside marine park, can choose by oneself. Polar now house makes work alone not simply ticket, what I choose is house of polar house coral (130 yuan) , meaning of it doesn't matter of Dan Shanhu house, it is to force to consume completely.
2, Olympic square is Dalian real moral character advocate field seat, basically be a sporting goods accordingly monopolistic, be worth to ramble, still having is Woerma.
3, people square prospect is good, a lot of people are in the ball that kick shuttlecock, have life feeling very much.
4, northeast farmhouse courtyard basically is northeast characteristic dish, among them muddleheaded congee must be tasted, the stewing food over there is very good also. The boss is very generous, avoided odd completely when checkout.

Day2: Sit 708 to cereal of science and technology, change 202 to astral sea square. Ride two-men bicycle to feel pretty good (25 yuan / hour, the stall inside 20 yuan) , can see and so on of centenary of fountain, Dalian, among them well-known Ao Lian graceful name tilts to was not opened because of hull, it is regretful very. Lunch eats in the marine dining-room of square, the environment is very good. Continue to be visited in the and other places of astral sea castle of astral sea square afternoon, because time relation did not go to the astral sea park besides 3 stations. Dinner is in the crab that is located in emancipatory street child the building eats seafood.
Note: 1, the air conditioning car that 202 cars have one to plant is n duality, very beautiful, suggest to take.
2, the fruit juice flavour of marine dining-room is very good, especially pineapple juice, the squid mixes the meal is delicious not expensive.
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