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Dalian, beautiful littoral city, it is my yearning all the time place. She is a city that differs completely with Guangzhou: Radiate for the center with each square go out like cobweb street, stop in numerous do a street intermediate remittent railroad car, have ten meters of interval only a high-rise, what the road mixes fluctuant hill to depend on hill and be built is uptown, clean street, low Yun Duo and clear air ……
This draws near according to hill the city of the sea, little of a minute of modern big city cloudy with blundering, much a minute of light spirit and lucid.
Dalian gives me impression the deepest, the first it is square, the 2nd it is street. Urban square is a city the public space of the richest glamour, important place is taken in urban design, be known as ” of “ sitting room. In fact, since the urban square on real significance appears in Gu Xila before 2000, square not only it is the need that urban space system makes, and all through the ages is the important place that the city has the activity such as gregarious come-and-go, recreational recreation and information communication, the urban space environment that is appeal of people contact nature, edify.
Guangzhou also has square, have sea bead square often, have newly east square of afforest of academy of classical learning of station square, Chen, hero square. But besides these square, other the place that calls “ square ” , it is shopping centre mostly, building if bristly, tourist is knitted. And the square of Dalian is dotted, be like Zhongshan square, people square, it is ” of “ a wide expanse of flat land really, it is ramble letting a person and rest place. The square disposition of Dalian each different, what have the charm square of the sea already is comely, what have astral sea square again is vigorous and firm; Have the elegance of people square already, have the meaningful of Zhongshan square again. And the dress that a lot of square carry music, more lovely, medicinal powder the life flavor that gives be charmed making a person and humanitarian scenery. Square abounded the culture of Dalian, the glamour of the square that culture enhances again. Should go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, the square that bestrews green grass issues those who sending out to connect in the reflect of pagoda tree festive lantern fully, lightsome aesthetic feeling, in fiery trees and silver flowers, moving air can let a person be in cantabile, like the dream, be like what the spirit of the move enjoys inside the picture, circumstances that appears a poem to release ……Everybody has no less than oneself disposition characteristic is same, the plan and construction of every city also has his characteristic. Dalian city regards Chinese north as open window city, very the plan and construction that notices urban square. The Zhongshan way with a 10 long kilometers, resemble stringing together there are 8 styles like sugarcoated haws on a stick the square of each different, be like a bright phearl, added a lot of verve for the city. And this one square connects a line, constructed main body framework of the city, the politics that reflected Dalian city, economy, finance, trade, culture develops a characteristic. From east edge Zhongshan route goes, ordinal the musical square that having square of Zhongshan of …… of square of sea of Zhongshan square, friendly square, victory square, people square, Olympic square, star is Dalian, astral shape is surrounding all around a lot of Europe type constructions, every time curtain of night arrives, citizens come to here, accompanying music, have dance lightly; Lay aside is establishing ball of crystal of a flood in the center of friendly square, the base of crystal ball is 4 old hands, ordinal for yellow, white, black, palm 4 kinds of color, people of indicative world every nationality, in the evening, when the colored lantern inside the ball shines, whole and crystal ball immediately time excessive colour, evil spirit it is good-looking; Triumphal square basically is square of a business affairs, north is a railway station, the blueness of shopping centre —— with famous Dalian is south slimy depression shopping centre, the boreal side of this square has a small square, often have model performance or ball game; Of people square all round for seat of mechanism of Dalian municipal government, square green grass is like blanket, the four seasons is evergreen, square south is stage of raise a flag and large music fountain, have square columbine rise and fall, get along well with people; Olympic square is square of one individual Yo, often have football game activity, its south is team of real moral character of Dalian of —— of Dalian people stadium advocate; Astral sea square is country's at present biggest town square, square center is ornamental columns erected in front of palaces of carven of a white marble, the ground is ordinal the ten Heavenly Stems that cutting Chinese ancient time, n, the Eight Diagrams and graph of 12 any of the twelve animalses, its north is the meeting with famous Dalian exhibits a center, all sorts of exhibitions that Dalian holds are held here, the south is the Dalian that build city 100 years to commemorate Dalian and just builds carve of hundred years city, the station can look at extensive sea on city carve. The square that Dalian plans is given priority to with the circle, square of give attention to two or morethings, rectangle, irregular form is waited a moment. Of circular square all round the structure that builds an all sorts of different types, each are the road of radiative form leads to a city between the building. For example, zhongshan square is covered an area of for 30 thousand square metre, 10 broad driveways lead to a city each, form radiative state network. People square is the biggest quadrate square inside city, cover an area of for 90 thousand square metre, there are 6 roads to radiate all round square go out. The square of Dalian has bright use function. In numerous square, door of divide into equal parts of public activity square, commerciality square, commemorative sex square is fastened kind, colour each different, majority square traffic of give attention to two or morethings and distributing center function. The use function of square promoted the development of urban district function, form each apparent urban function partition, by these partition outward radiate, form the partition of many derive, promoted the development of culture of urban politics economy. For example, people square is the seat of Dalian National People's Congress, municipal government and mechanism of public security organs; Zhongshan square centered financial orgnaization and trade orgnaization; Triumphal square centered busy commercial department; The meeting on astral sea square postpones the main body construction that the center is Dalian exhibition course of study, all sorts of exhibition are held here. Surround the of all kinds structure that have is built all round square, reflected style of of all kinds structure and skill. For example the 10 old buildings inside division of Zhongshan square link, all sorts of column outline pilaster that already pillar of Gu Xila, Rome evolves, also have the round dome of renaissance period, the Ba Luo that the French tip that still has ladder table and triangle disconnect overcomes a style to wait a moment. Every square the building all around relatively stand still on an environment plane significantly, mutual correspondence, make become building museum. Friendly square, hope square all also built characteristic structure in periphery, reflect different style and skill, increased urban aesthetic feeling. Square plan and construction adjusted a city to build position, increased life space, improved surroundings. The building of the tall rhythm of modern city life and congest makes the person produces asphyxial feeling, reduced life quality. Planned square appropriately to be able to regulate this kind of atmosphere however. Lawn is cultivated on this square, can make the person experiences nature morely. The sculpture that creates on square and essay, also adorned the environment of square. For example the football sculpture that friendly square creates, whole is made for transparent material, interior assembled all sorts of lamps to act the role of, every are put together to night colored lantern, make football lamp is acted the role of sparkle hair be like, reflected the characteristic of the countryside ” of Dalian “ football. And the musical square that Zhongshan square builds, also provided recreational recreational room for masses. In square construction process, somebody ever suspected whether wasteful land, dalian city notices to use the situation of square, develop the space downward, produced stereo result. Triumphal square covers an area of 8000 much square metre, to use the gold a sector of an area before the railway station, build the subterranean commerce city that had a ten square metre, held tens of domestic trade companies, make become a mart. Newly-built Olympic square also is an underground store. I love the square of Dalian, what also love Dalian is street. The street of Dalian realized 3 lines to enter the ground entirely on the road, the footpath that changed high quality scales entirely board, install the street lamp with original formula of the name of the recipient, trade tree is uniform, road surface is neat, sweep seasonable, carried out 24 hours of Bao Jie, find wholesome dead space very hard. This and our Guangzhou formed a very big contrast. And the nose without thorn dust in air, the pedestrian on the street is not much also, the most interesting is here does not have a bicycle. Allegedly because Dalian has way of a lot of hill, cycle uphill and declivous very no-go, so everybody is used to take a car. Did not have the bicycle that equips in disorder nevertheless, the order on the driveway is close friends really a lot of.
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