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On September 2

Through the elaborate preparation * of 2 weeks, the train that we took to leave for Dalian eventually (T81) , considering old person and child, those who buy is soft sleeper balcony adscititious an only store. Because be Zhou Wu,be afraid of a car, we come off work to go straight towards the back after coming home to have a meal hurriedly to wear immediately baggage runs quickly to the railway station, the result arrived early nearly 2 hours. Because everybody is exceeding,feel disgusted that from me be that appearance in one's childhood wait hall, we wait with respect to the parking lot outside square, blow gently is very excited, run to run, my height is vigilant child and baggage, until when 20: Of 00 simple and honest the Beijing station that when bell noise rises, I just notice the dim light of night is actually medium is very beautiful still.

* since was pregnant 2003 be used to was born to this year 2004 review is speedy 16 months, our family that should go vacationing every year to having deep love for travel extremely is not small really suffer, this we cannot help wanting to go vacationing eventually! Original first selection is Guilin - Yang Shuo, I prepare the journey, but consider pair of be used to are likely finally too overworked still abandoned, the place that each people had gone give attention to two or morethings is final make choice of Dalian —— does not calculate this do not calculate too big tourist attraction not to consider what we did not have been to again too much and northward too far littoral city.

The experience that take a train is more not close to me, had not done the train a few times as a child, be like the closest or go up big 3 when, travel is away on official business after the job to seek rate it is a plane, took a train leisurely so without the opportunity again. The theme that travels this is recreational and comfortable, at the same time also to save silver, we chose the train. The environment on the train is greatly good now cross me the memory when, clean and neat and contemporary. 21: 21, the train slowly actuate. Because old person and child need to sleep early, everybody laid down early, do not have overnight language. I and LG rearrange are worn accompany be used to, how to sleep overnight. At night absentminded, the train stopped, exceed all round quiet, I sit up, pull open a curtain, seeing far is a moor very open, all over the sky numerous star, need not look up to be able to see 6 bits of the Plough ladle very clearly, how is one that on final ladle needle also looked to be less than below horizon by bury. See all over the sky of numerous star that momently, my mood at a draught relaxed rise, was far from a city, was far from Beijing, was far from my life going to work, i, began to go vacationing truly. See a table, 03: 30.
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