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As a southern, north is my dream on, and on north goes the first selection that Dalian is me. This I realized summer vacation eventually the dream that I come to for years, set foot on the land of Dalian eventually. Breathing the air of Dalian, feeling the sea breeze of Dalian, eating to be different from southern seafood, the water that looks at the Bohai Sea is flapping the coasting of Dalian. . . Everything is so true, everything is so exciting unceasingly, this and see on TV or be what think of in map the first line of a couplet on a scroll is to differ out and out however.

Dalian is an extremely beautiful city really. Neat street, lofty and unique structure, dress observes and study the people with extremely powerful individuation, still have the tree of street edge green, all everything lets me find everything new and fresh. Go on the street of Dalian, a kind of body is in metropolitan feeling, and although this kind of feeling also has been done not have in Beijing.

Dalian is not big, also need only to urban brim from downtown 20 come minute of time, this brought a lot of to our journey, we need not drive time at all, in the morning tardy get up, the United States ate breakfast beautifully, or else is close not slow set out, the car is very much, also not need resembles Tianjin waiting for a long time euqally, person of this time of car is much, so wait for next wading. Say vehicle, two kinds are worth to carry: It is railroad car, another is trainset. You often can see street rail of intermediate cupreous having iron, the patent that is them then. This should be Dalian a distinctive scenery!

Sit on board, admiring the scenery of roadside beauty easily, the car passes a few parks, square ceaselessly, they because festal deck anew, wave with the wind the colored flag of dance, sundry rotational windmill, beautiful flowers, still have the chromatic hydrogen balloon that waves to go up in azure sky, the interest that allows me reachs the limit.

Dalian hill is much, relief rises and fall, the steer clear of with very can strange car is street mount very steep very tall uphill - - that is a canal that I think to go for the pedestrian, should be for it before building of a few dwellers - - next again from still dive very high on very steep slope come down, still be enmeshed in when you the sort of extremely when the feeling of bright is medium, you can discover the car arrived again on a street.

If say most those who make me satisfactory is Dalian is neat, so most those who make me enchanted is the costume jewelry of sundry beauty and the cate of all sorts of gust. Envy the girl of Dalian really, be born in to have the city of the seaside of international clothing division every year, can tide of dress of world of prep close behind, our inland still follows unlike Hong Kong, guangdong is driven. The stuff of bazaar is expensive,

Dote on as small as those illicit homes shop naturally, little high-quality goods room connects, time excessive colour, delicate
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