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On the horizon of far, beautiful and abundant Dalian takes off a shadow and go out, she is revealing the charm of graceful to us in what keep.

Dalian arrives at the beginning of   , my mood all the more capacious. Listen to tourist guide elder sister to because Dalian belongs to coastal city,say, so air not only fresh, and very wet. Hear this I can't help repeating did deep breathing a few times. Tourist guide sister still says the environment of Dalian also cannot nag. Serious and careful observation, I just discover the environment of Dalian and photograph of our saddle hill are compared is extraordinary really. Although cannot say absolutely to do not have ” of rubbish of a bit “ , but I dare say for certain: “ if the person of Dalian and person of our saddle hill are same, won't have so good environment ” absolutely, the quality that this also says to understand Dalian person wants than person of our saddle hill tall. Right now, I am silent in the heart pledge go up in this bit I should learn to Dalian person.

  arrived after Dalian, we watched the wonderful show of dolphin, white whale to tiger beach park above all. In them in the process of wonderful performance, serve as an audience we applaused countless times, I do not know other classmates applause is for what, but my applause is because of their performance beat not just, it is to those domesticating more their person that succeed and acclaim. The society between present social go-between and person becomes very complex, and the sort of pure feeling can be built however between they and animal, this must make me feel admire. Pass this a little bit, my experience arrived to get along with the person must use “ heart ” . Give genuine heart only, ability can get a true friendly feelings. Watch a show, we reached the house of “ science and technology of little famous energy of life again ” . The cultural relic that lots and lots of ancient time leave is being deposited over. When seeing cultural relic, because of,I am done not have their shabby and cheesed, contrary I am very excited. My couplet remembered countless heroes, recalled their glorious story.

  the following day, we arrived again the tourist attraction with significant more. For example: University of northeast finance and economics, brigade arranges and other places square. Visitting matriculate campus that momently, my heartbeat is accelerated, because I think of the university lives,also be absent from me distant, think of I am in before long the undergraduate that will enter insecurity in the future is vivid. Go to university of northeast finance and economics this look around let me had done preparative —— to be the preparation that the challenge meets in the life is studying after receiving. After visitting university of finance and economics, we reached Dalian stay away from home suitable. Look at “ mummy ” , thinking “ war ” , I arrange travel consummate of this local comparing is ” of “ world hell. Look at a variety of picture in ” of “ world hell, I feel pride, proud for the Chinese of period of War of Resistance Against Japan in the depth of the heart. Had gone to these two to make popular feeling affection excited, after troubled place, the marine house of marine world —— that we reached to make a person relaxed again. The marine park of Dalian can say the national capital that is fish. 1000 strange all sorts of abyssopelagic fishes of 100 condition let your too many things to see, this also makes I also can't help be Dalian person the intelligence an wisdom of wonderful artical excelling nature and plaint. After coming out from marine house, still still emerge in my brain the fish that gives all sorts of not famous beauty, this makes my mood is absent for ” of “ university life insecurity; The heartbeat is absent to be accelerated for ” of “ world hell. Contrary, become more relaxed, happy.
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