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Arrived again the season of bumper harvest of Man Shanfeng leaf, I carry the autumn friend goes hot spring of old iron hill, it is the scenery that enjoyed a bumper harvest really, all round in the courtyard on the room of domestic home grange everywhere air is basking in maize cob, form a cluster all round bunch ornament is between dense greenery, fizzle out dazzlingly, numerous lively, evil spirit it is provoking love. In the grange that hears of him hot spring of old iron hill big this year bumper harvest, smooth bud Mi Feng receives more than 10000 jins, pachyrhizus also is 10 thousand jins of above, potherb mustard of Chinese cabbage turnip closes busy come nevertheless, employee of whole hot spring is enmeshed in autumn in busy joyance.

Ramble has taken a covered corridor or walk, come in the meal building of new complete of hot spring of old iron hill, make I shine at the moment, sweet repast hall, comfortable and clean. Tasting meal is expect is less than more, the meal here is to use completely come from underground elite of 1500 meters of hot spring, contain a lot ofa variety of 30 mineral life cooking of water of active hot spring and into, hear have decompose the adipose, function that reduces viscosity of hematic fat, blood, and microelement blends in cruelly oppress in more make meal sweet and goluptious, more what him grange place produces do not have all sorts of vegetable of pesticide chemical fertilizer, bean curd of bittern of water of pancake of caldron pachyrhizus, edible seaweed, hot spring is to perfect very, taste the rustic cate with distinctive savor truly.

Cross country alley, of greet is to savour area of distinctive hot spring villa, surround between green hill, bubble is in inside the courtyard inside pool of outdoor hot spring, bird ululation often is transmitted all round, person and natural and right tune are an organic whole. Allegedly hot spring water has intelligence most, combined the marrow of nature of heaven and earth, in the hot spring pool that bubble becomes in natural cobble base, admire the Changjiang Delta green banboos that only here just can see, what you can savour bubble soup attentively is artistic with appeal, the repose that close eye endeavors to experiencing the kiss of water, thanking natural favor. Allegedly the half in the person's body is water, and body bubble is in hot spring water, composition of the in absorbing hot spring mineral, microelement that skin bedding face accumulates, hairdressing, this ability is autumn filling water, I also become lotus giving water, solution released mood besides exhaustion, after be far from city, experience a kind long-unseen quiet with quiet, this kind experiences the person gift that enjoys only, such before, japanese is infatuated with the connotation of hot spring so, the recipe of Japanese long life.

Autumn arranges hot spring of old iron hill to brigade, the scenery that views and admire a bumper harvest, experience the wind of pure and fresh hill that comes from old iron hill, sample the arrange of water of hot spring name, farmhouse that produces oneself is vegetable, again carefree bubble is worn outdoor hot spring, experience a rural poetic flavour attentively like satisfied.
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