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Big city always has the place of big city amuse oneself, besides the hill of Dalian and water, the place that additionally one place is worth amuse oneself is tiger beach polar and marine house, its can calls the world Jinisi most, among them besides have various marine and polar animals besides, still have the underwater show that comes from Russia girl, the imposing manner that can see Na Baichuan of sea of this big city from here comes.

Enter marine house, see the Dalian girl that dress white bluejacket takes, each figure tall Tiao, let me envy unceasingly. The first station is coral house. Become in coral house listed various sea star, coral and the school that live in polar area. Here has a kind of aquarium, the surface starts to talk, can let you extend the hand into aquarium, feed a fish to feed school to eat, this is a kind of magical physics phenomenon, although aquarium is full, but the water that the mouth gives won't spill over however come. When you close extend when going in, can find school very clearly from be a hand all round had swum. The water in aquarium is really cruel cold cruel cold cruel cold! ! ! Can't help letting me plaint these fish vitality eager to do well in everything ah! ! !

The most wonderful in coral house, performed when the mermaid underwater that belongs to Russia girl. Before, small short had said with me, the scenery of channel of 9 stockaded village is OK the United States must let a person weep, I still do not believe Lie! The United States is beautiful, which have what should weep, but when I see the mermaid at the back of spray swim footloosely to swim, I am to feel too beautiful really! ! ! Mermaid gives various starts in water lap, the mermaid tail on their body shines again, soft, it is that mermaid in fairy tale story simply! Mermaid is in aquarium to my beck, I see the reflex on aquarium glass gives flashlight, the small hubble-bubble in water resembles is the curtain in palace of dragon of the East China Sea, pass through curtain, you can see the skin for nothing, the mermaid that golden hair flows. I also think really and swim footloosely in water to swim like them, at the moment, I seem to feel to be able to experience the mermaid in fairy tale story swimming a sea, throwing a tail, move up and down and fall that momently, have much happiness.

Write here, should turn style of writing, must carry two stories of mermaid backside. Above all, in wanting to say to be performed in underwater, still alternating the performance of two Chinese, one male one female, wear shabbier white ceremonial robe or dress, in underwater to-and-fro, they are holding signal underwater is bridal. What I should say here is, the first, their figure is not quite good, female comparison is ugly! The 2nd, air standard has the hold back of two new personality and Russia girl differred one big chunk, lie between 5 seconds to be about take a breath of gangmaster smell surface, we can see two bodies that do not have a head only, really big unpleasant! The 2nd story, namely about Russia mermaid. They are in underwater is to bringing a smile momently, make me infatuate at among them, think they swim, happy. When the show that watchs coral house goes, as it happens is touched went up the “ mermaid ” in real life, we should follow their group photo excitedly, but they are a light No only, went, the smile does not have even underwater, alas ~ ~ ~ I am to plaint really! ! ! Be inferior to letting me see them, they are the mermaid in my heart all the time.
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