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To Dalian, I am admired in the heart already very long.
Previously, mention Dalian, others can praise the football of the dress of the square of Dalian, Dalian, Dalian, but Dalian gives me impression the deepest is a billboard about Dalian: On tremendous advertisement picture, have one the female ranger with old to riding a tall head very awe-inspiring horse, wearing very straight police uniform, the head is worn alarm cap, foot step riding boots, the look is staring distance, imprint on the side the advertisement sign that keeping a deep feeling: Welcome you to come to Dalian of —— of northward bright phearl. Actually, in people heart, female ranger has made the calling card of Dalian, become the spokesman that Dalian resembles to the appearance.
This year August the last ten-day of a month, I am like the land that wished to set foot on this beauty eventually. Bath is worn vernal sunshine, roam in the street of Dalian, the mattress of full city is green, exuberant opportunity of survival, the heart becomes bright at a draught rise, that is the relaxation of a kind of body and mind, the adjustment of a kind of mood, a kind of good enjoyment.
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In boundless and indistinct dim light of night, caravan is sailing urgently to Dalian, my heart excessive became full passion, reading silently a heart gallop the “ Dalian ” of be charmed. The tourist guide that follows a car keeps telling about the origin of name of “ Dalian ” to us: According to legend more than 100 years ago, distant east the little fishing village that the end austral the peninsula has to call “ blueness slimy depression ” , there is the child of two poverty-strickens loving each other in the village, give rich man work as a farm laborer. A day, they get one can pour out of the Da Lian of bud grain of rice automatically, after old rich man knows, be contended for, the result earns Da Lian, da Lian flies to the middle of sky, fly across more tall, da Lian is bigger and bigger also, two big mountain grow in sky, rumble, big hill fell down, intimidate lord below. Da Lian both ends grew two big mountain, meantime is connecting a long and narrow land, intermediate encircle is worn bay of a sea, people calls here ” of “ Da Lian, cry later white became “ Dalian ” .
On caravan, I keep leafing through a map, the position in the Dalian on the map is actually very good search, the outstanding gallinaceous rostellum on the motherland domain that is cock about. To Dalian, I had seen such record on the book: Yuan after face, history had the account of Dalian, till quiet day last years of a dynasty or reign, japanese army and Qing Jun hit here all the time from Korea, capturing is the brigade read smoothly of important place of division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning originally, the name of Dalian begins to appear in the smoke of gunpowder of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 again and again. Japanese has not taken the buttock hot, muscovite made red-eyed disease again, the Qing Dynasty at that time announces to remain neutral toward busy incessantly ground, delimit Dalian area into war zone. At that time, brigade read smoothly left 18 families only. After this, dalian is enveloped in Japanese smooth anonym is mixed below the shadow of an anonym, end till war of resistance against aggression, too numerous to record. So, the first station that our journey plans goes namely brigade read smoothly.
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