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The long holiday of 51 just drove Shandong, Henan and Beijing, the feeling has not been adjusted truly come over, one day, the gentleman calls to ask me to the company, do not go Dalian? Because he has vacation of 10 days,can go there go vacationing, want to take me to go together so, I am glad of course, those who do loaded down with trivial details ask add of make use of sb, be enmeshed in glad in, still do not know to carry Cheng network in those days, all alone only in sina everywhere with Dalian for keyword search, walked Dalian first on spirit. The gentleman knows whole course somebody is recieved, entirely of car horse board and lodging does not worry about, also go by me however mental self-help swam.

The Nanjing intense heat of summer July is become hard, go to the airport that day dropping in temperature a bit suddenly however, I think cankeredly: “ reheat a few days, such is away for the summer holidays ability is significant. ” does not cross old day to appear to did not listen to me, receive the Nanjing that goes down a few days to be compared all the time cool, this is my only to visit regret, be away for the summer holidays the insufficient height that avoid, ah, so dirty psychology does not carry: )

The plane descends Dalian airport when had gone up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, just came down from extradite car, still do not have there's still time to breathe the air of this summer resort well, went up to receive our car.

The car gallops on road, in a new city, not feeling of differentiate southeast northwest is very wonderful, of course premise is, you sit in one you very the regular meeting that be at ease carries you to arrive on the car of safe destination.

Gradually sensory car goes on the road in hill, outside cannot seeing a window, feel only have a pure and fresh tree is sweet, as if in consciousness entered a small woods, floating countless beautiful elves. Those who make a person open-eyed is, very fast, appeared in inky path roadside bits and pieces scatters the little light of brushwood, as if brightly boil fall subcelestial pearl, the green grass that illuminate is transparent like halcyon. Right now we discover the in some fairy tale cabin in brushwood, some drew a rough sketch with colored lantern, some silent stations are in inky in, I feel I entered world of a fairy tale in an instant, as if the small atomy that white snow princess and joy may walk out of at any time in those cabin comes, such summerly night, the first impression that Dalian gives me is the mystery like fairy tale and beauty actually.

The car reached staying place very quickly, it is the wooden club island with the most beautiful Dalian allegedly, we can see the sea into the room that live, such arrangement makes a person excited really, opening a window to be able to hear ocean wave voice in the evening. The night of wooden club island is cool, need not open air conditioning to build one bed quilt even.
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