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On November 21 17:35 airports bus sets out by Beijing station. (16*2=32)

Airliner of Na Hang CZ3168 predicts 20:40, actual 21:00 take off, 22:00 arrive at field of week water pickaback plane, ground temperature 4 degrees. (210*2 50*2 60*2 20*2=680)

Take a taxi come to be in what itinerary net has ordered Dalian to be like hotel of domestic Tianjin street ahead of schedule (34.2=34) , downstage conduction member gets stuck (40) , enter standard big room smoothly (146*3=438) . After be being cleared away, advanced stage buys atlas of a Dalian (5) , 23:00 hotels turn around, in discovering to there is fokelore near the hotel every day fishing port (east150 meters) , lane of seafood of rich elder brother (on the west120 meters) , still have Dalian commercial bank (can deal with bright phearl to block) . Because,perhaps be too late, street in the evening very cold and cheerless. The barbecue before hotel door spreads out (prefab) ate 1 string of 2 strings of gristle of 1 string of waist of 1 string of 4 strings of hotpot, pigs, chicken, heart-shaped, You Yu (4 1 2 2 8=17) . You Yu is quite big, wait for Beijing basically the size at 3 strings.


9:00 hotels, going moving on the road of postal service hall, the thin pancake made of millet flour that bought a clip ham (2) , taste is good still. Calling problem was solved in postal service hall.

Side of Zhongshan square northeast sits 801(2*2=4) arrives Hei Shijiao, get off go ahead70 metersThe left and right sides crosses a driveway to arrive passenger station of black rock reef. Take a bus to brigade to arrange (7*2=14)10:00 set out, 10:50 arrive.

Get off to had answered a driveway, 93 one alley goes up on the west. Make an appointment with 40 minutes on foot11:30 to area of scene of white Mt Jade (25*2=50) . Hill enters naval enginery house on (15*2=30) , enter missile a light boat, tank, plane, etc (altogether of the 2 people after Kan price 5 yuan of) . Downhill and transient ancient fort, on discovery ancient artillery piece quarter full come here to swim the thing of and so on, basically be 1949 to seven years of quarter, still have many Russian. Because some are tired, did not go naval port. Downhill and backward left abduct, have dinner of transient Chun Huayuan. Nodded silk of portion beans towel gourd to fry Xian flesh casually (Spanish mackerel of bureau of boiler of 16) , stone (diced meat of smoked bean curd of 28) , Chinese cabbage is wrapped (10) , taste is good, the price slants expensive. Those who eat is dissatisfactory, listen to local to say brigade is suitable later also have take the place with cheap and fine seafood, did not find regrettablly.
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