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Friend Spring Festival should play to Dalian, wanted my side to write a travel notes. For everybody the netizen consults;

Ski of An Bo hot spring can arrive between 2 climateHot spring

2, An Bo hot spring is located in An Bo of Pu Lan inn to press down An Bo collect, the Dai Fuzhou that fasten Qing Dynasty one of 8 scene. Build Xue Hou, snow is qualitative exquisite, had suited ski very much. An Bo has the snow field of 300 thousand square metre, do not use to pull drill rod, use entirely cableway and walk automatically ladder, the exercise field of 10 thousand square metre has two to walk automatically ladder, this is banner inside countrywide limits. On trail setting, an Bo used day type trail to design, two primary line and two intermediate path, exercise field already mutual correlation, each other noninterference, the person of different level can learn appreciation each other already, can find joy in respective space again. An Bo advocate make safety comfortable at the same time, field of more than 40 snow is safe member round-the-clock move back and forth at snow field, an Bo ski also gave a tourist to assure all-aroundly on safety. Frugal soup hot spring is the sororal spring that installs wave hot spring. Both enjoys ” of water of the god austral “ distant praise.

Optional guesthouse:

Mountain villa of hot spring of Fu Hui of Dalian of mountain villa of hot spring of Dalian Fu Hui is the recuperate that by the country standard of restaurant of travel of 4 stars stage builds, travel, go vacationing, conference hotel, cover an area of an area 20, 000 square metre, floor area 15, 000 square metre, it has standard double room, single room, luxurious flatlet 57, 8 villa already were in construction, the indoor swimming-pool of 15X26.6 rice, sauna of male and female, one can recieve the auditoria of 200 people at the same time, what can hold 200 people is muti_function between 10 hall, bar, ballroom, KTV and RTV bag, the plan chases construction field, go angling field. Hotel function establishment all ready, environment is beautiful. We will provide sweet, easy environment for you wholeheartedly, guileless, enthusiastic, considerate service, calm meeting makes you enter mountain villa of Fu Hui hot spring to be just as a body to be in a haven of peace, keep good memory.

An Bohong of Dalian of mountain villa of hot spring of An Bohong predestined relationship is built by Dalian along project of hot spring mountain villa amount to a group to invest build, invest 120 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 70 thousand much square metre. This mountain villa from 2003 4