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In June 2 - 4 days, I stayed 3 days in Dalian with husband.

Also be to be here before conceal very long, gather a lot of information. But LG to a lot of tourist attractions disinclination, arrive so after Dalian we part company with respect to “ ” , ah breathe out ……

On June 2: Rose at 6 o'clock in the morning, after the warm and delicate breakfast of the preparation that ate a mother-in-law to be us, 6: 30 go out. Take a taxi to stand to the airport bus of village of boreal peace and tranquility (10 yuan) , after buying a ticket (16 yuan) queue up, waited for the car on ability about 20 minutes, as removed as the “ drive a vehicle that makes clear on its signal card 10 minutes of ” not agree with apparently, cause the dissatisfaction of a lot of passengers.

A few brawl still happened during waiting for a car: The staff member receives an announcement to say the seat on coming car is finite, the passenger that herein awaits cannot get on a car entirely. us because of this staff member cent is two teams, before of the team can get on a car (we are in this team) , the team needs to wait to leave a car after. Hind there is a younger brother of one's father in the team, say oneself cannot catch up with a plane quickly, the team before asking, begin squabble with the staff member, a lot of passengers begin the group after rising by him complain. Right now the car arrived, we get on a car by order, there is one staff member to have check the amount on the car after sitting, discovery still has the last place on the car. A moment ago accordingly that uncle also is able to arrive with the car with us the airport.

Pass setbacks to airport hind, we entered a plane eventually, a hour hind arrives at field of pickaback plane of Dalian week water.

According to the information that gets in the strategy, know Dalian airport has a bus to be able to reach the urban district. Be in then to ask the way of an eldest sister later, we reached a station smoothly. (this is the ardor that we feel Dalian person for the first time, this eldest sister pointed to a road to us not only, still take away us a paragraph. ) we are taken from Xia Jiahe child - the car of the railway station, get off to terminal railway station (1 yuan) . Right now position is Dalian railway station on, it is one sinks rear the square of type (the square before the 77 streets that are similar to Beijing Xidan) . Look around the position that steps leading up to a house boards behind discovery has a newspaper to well balanced, then I go by ask the way and bought an atlas (3 yuan) . The basis signs up for booth eldest sister later give directions, cross square to take 702 cars to arrive to station of green mud depression bridge Fu Jiazhuang (1 yuan) the public house that searchs us to book.

The public house reachs after about 30 minutes, the station is before hotel door. Go up in the net before when seeking advice, the accused knows this place liaison man is not very convenient, further from the city zone. But the purpose of our visit is to look the sea and eat seafood, wanted to be satisfied only so.
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