Summertime Dalian travel - Dalian of summer vacation time swims - itinerary
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Date, On August 5-On August 12

1, Set out

Latter as it happens does not have a thing, with wife the decision goes out to swim, discuss come down, go Dalian. Although also had gone before,

But it is to trot along on horseback view is beautiful, this the decision plays well. Do the T262 of nonstop Dalian, the car sleeps on, shut-eye awakes, had entered Dalian town inside.

2, Accommodation, begin amuse oneself

The Dalian of summer, accommodation is relatively nervous, before setting out, contacted a few guesthouse, or it is not to have a room, or it is too expensive. Decision

Get off search again, always won't let me live ave. After getting off, step down all the way along Zhongshan road, leave a railway station about 15 minutes, see the hotel row upon row of of a few different grade. Take among them saddle steel large building, pry the value 320 yuan, the hall has draw a customer it is cheap to say be travel agent go to 208 yuan, see a room, the environment still goes, found a place for come down. Rested, ate casually midday, begin to set out. Park of sea of star of the first station, emperor inferior. Astral sea does not want entrance ticket, nevertheless inside it doesn't matter plays, basically be bathing place. Manage to find time did houseboat, full 60 yuan, tell 30 yuan. Shengyatong ticket 150 yuan, also look for what the doorway draws a customer to buy, cheap 30 yuan. Cent exhibits a house for 3, have marine world, polar house, coral house. Also have been to the polar house of tiger beach before, overall feeling is about the same, tiger beach air a bit, emperor inferior those who do is a bit more meticulous. Ramble Wan Shengya, visit astral sea square all the way along the seaside - - this is China's biggest square allegedly. Catching up with division of beer of Dalian China International, go in look, lean, entrance ticket even 10 yuan. Content is OK still nevertheless, beer manufacturer is very much, program show is very rich also. Rambled one day, abdomen cluck cluck cried, chose public house of a seafood side astral sea square, seem to call fishing port bright phearl, recommend salt to bake prawn, quite delicious!

3, Fu Jiazhuang, dalian forest zoo, tiger beach

Public transportation 702 to zoo set out, along the road passes Fu Jiazhuang bathing place, ramble first, water is very clean, it is beach

Very general, it is greatly small stone completely, very foot of press or rub against. The foreigner on beach is very much nevertheless, the figure is very strong, a big feast one's eyes on. Zoo entrance ticket covers a bill two kinds only, one kind 120 yuan, one kind 100 yuan. The proposal is bought of 100 go, many 120 yuan circle raises garden, basic that's all right. There is tropical vegetation house inside garden, puppy comes loose raise garden, still can look by car medicinal powder the intertropical animal in raising garden, beast of prey, the animal performance that day is Thailand elephant performance, content is very interesting, OK still go up to elephantine nose. Issue beach of one station tiger, station of 702 peninsulas morning paper pours 4 lines or 404 to tiger beach, because had gone to the marine park of tiger beach before, so skip over. Turned inside garden circuit, sit directly seagoing vessel sees seascape, it is brimless offing at the same time, the seamount beautiful scenery of one side Dalian, not Titus is satisfied!
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