Shanghai - line of Dalian self-help You Lu (swim 4 days) - Shanghai arrives
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Big bus heads for Pudong airport on 2 o'clock afternoon. Deal with board the plane formalities, install check, await machine, 15: 50, the plane is punctual take off.
17: 30, the plane descends in airport of water of Dalian Zhou Zi. The tourist guide receives a group.
Arrange simple dinner, go to guesthouse to arrange accommodation, live in the Zhongshan big public house of downtown, the environment is very good, looked, downstage preferential price also has 300 only much, the value that estimates travel agent is cheaper. Went rambling in the evening bazaar, korea city, in the city street in go, feel the urban night scene of Dalian.

Brigade read smoothly is gone to after self-help breakfast, look around visit naval port, still sat mosquito craft became mad. Fort of visiting report cliff, go up Bai Yushan, triumphal tower, the tourist guide still is arranged went to local speciality terminal market. Do not like the shopping activity of travel agent arrangement very much before, like to eat seafood because of oneself nevertheless, so to this shop to like very, it is oneself like east east.
After dinner, answer guesthouse to rest. Went in the evening Hans bar, have halt sing, fully 3 many hours had not stopped. In different ground bubble, the feeling is some more excited.

After self-help breakfast, visit travel of inscriptions beach country to go vacationing area (AAAA scene area) , house of visiting China wushu, center of art of movie and TV (place model by true person model, group photo should pay fee, it is OK that the individual thinks to look) , award stone house, waxwork house (the character is very much, it is the biggest waxwork house that I had seen) , chairman Mao badge with sb on it displays a house, drought inscriptions garden, western golf field (played a few golf, experienced a noble to move) , chase (judgment is too poor) , come to state guest bathhouse eventually, saw the sea, excited! But because of weather reason, fail to enter the water swim, went down to be experienced in the barefoot on the edge only, regret somewhat.

The last day, arrange the sightseeing inside city, square of visiting star sea, hundred years sculpture, you Xinghai park, seaside road, beijing University bridge, tiger carve square, zhongshan music square, experienced the urban breath of Dalian adequately. Went to Russia afternoon amorous feelings street, bought a certain number of Russia to cover child to bring back give friends.
Much at 6 o'clock plane, answer Shanghai. The journey ends.