Beijing - Dalian 3 day self-help swim (classical) - Beijing travels to Dali
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Dalian 3 days of self-help swim
Because plan to go in 51 golden weeks,Dalian plays, shifted to an earlier date so a week saw on itinerary net opposite for cheaper guesthouse -- 3 annulus hotel (SamSung class) , call book be informed to do not have a room however. Final plan try one's luck, shifted to an earlier date a few days to book the room of 3 annulus hotel on itinerary net, order very easily unexpectedly went up, suggest everybody is ahead of schedule on itinerary net so to book a room.
Will arrive in the morning on May 2 Dalian, took a taxi from the railway station 3 annulus hotel (15 yuan) , but do not know why the A between the bid that we revise was done not have, additional nevertheless I am satisfactory is, the clerk upgrades freely to the B between mark to me immediately, the room that gave me mark B by the price of mark A that is to say (the distinction of the B between the A between mark and mark: Mark A room wants a little bit small, mark B wants a little bit big, and price of two kinds of rooms is different also, mark B should compare mark A expensive) . Come to a room I discover the house is very clean, the sheet is very clean also, hot water, air conditioning, TV, everything needed is ready, many in be being envisaged than me, and the clerk's manner is first-rate also, I feel intense satisfaction!
The distance that this Dalian self-help swims says below:
On May 2 brigade direct motion
Early left hotel at 8 o'clock, take a taxi reach Hei Shijiao station (35 yuan or so) , go can be being taken here go the car with suitable brigade (7 yuan / person) , left and right sides of a hour can arrive. The stay away from home that there is state-operated in the station after arriving at brigade to arrange is suitable swim circuit, the ticket can be bought in that, special conduct a sightseeing tour and car are taking you to go each tourist attractions, because brigade arranges each tourist attractions to leave relatively further, oneself take a taxi go not quite be to one's profit, and the travel that enters a station swims to need to hand in 10 yuan only / person, can go each tourist attractions, what nevertheless the circuitry of a few travel of the station arranges is not quite reasonable, a lot of tourist attractions cannot be centered in a circuitry, had better be him choice tourist attraction so.
Arrange in brigade basically should play one day, basically the following tourist attractions are worth to look: Site of prison of Russia of brigade suitable day (recommend strongly, 20 yuan) ; Bai Yushan (25 yuan) ; Brigade arranges memorial hall of 10 thousand faithful graves (10 yuan) ; East cockscomb hill (20 yuan) ; Naval port park (very general, it is OK to do not go, 5 yuan) ; 203 uplands (20 yuan) .
The Zhongshan square that downtown can go to after can returning Dalian in the evening and friendly square look, the building has distinguishing feature very much all round Zhongshan square, having in friendly square periphery is Tianjin street, mansion of a lot of large trade is centered over there, the friend that likes to shop can go there. Be worth what say is, in friendly square around have a wild force fertilizer Niu Haixian chaffy dish is very pretty good, the price is a bit expensive (2 people are controlled 170 yuan) , if feel the price is expensive,can go the seafood barbecue street around, there are a lot of small shops over there, it is seafood barbecue, price moderate, taste is good!
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