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Leave early drives Beijing to the station on September 2 afternoon, sit together with husband 6:0The train of 0 goes Dalian, more pitiful is to buy a ticket to buy evening, catch up with a student to term begins again, bought only hard. (Two people are aggregate 280 yuan of) .
Early on September 3 6:00 trains reach Dalian railway station, issued the train to take a taxi to had booked big public house of good day and jade directly, to inn time 6:50 the left and right sides. Very successful take room card, and did not close add into what live before 8 o'clock collect fee. Breakfast ate after washing gargle to end, sit directly 110 turn to arrive by fast track to the railway station inscriptions beach. (Fare of the bus inside Dalian city is 1 yuan commonly, fast track whole journey 8 yuan) early 9:30 arrive at inscriptions beach. Inscriptions beach has two kinds to cover a bill, my individual suggests to buy 10 yuan only can, museum of wh some of which we are not to be very interested, went only so Mao Zedong souvenir badge displays a house. (5 yuan / person) link line car is built to arrive after memorial hall comes out berth guesthouse, two hand shake handshandle walks along seafood is big archives to be in along the seaside, can see market of seafood of a diminutive, absolutely fresh, it is to just be hit crab. Shrimp. Sea urchin. Slant the mouth, OK and direct try to win sb's favor across a slap-bang shop goes machining, common treatment cost is 10 yuan of 3-4 jin. Very substantial, just worry about wholesome condition, still taste cannot ask too strict. We did not have a meal over, make mosquito craft see dolphin however, can mix price of their Kan Kan, we are final be with 70 yuan / the person's price clinchs a deal, the master craft that flies mosquito craft is very good, feeling letting a person never has been had stimulation, because,be only when to midday, did not see dolphin is a little regretful, person of young nevertheless master worker is very good, take us to saw mew, time also had 45 minutes of original come to an agreement or understanding to lengthen 1.2 hours. After toing disembark, went to a few places turning again, sit fast track answers a railway station. Domestic restaurant searched to have dot thing casually later, square of straight sea going straight towards a star. Go astral sea square can take 16 to arrive from the railway station, also be one yuan. Because be double deck,the bus had better sit in superstratum so, suitable path browses the beautiful scenery of Dalian urban district. After square of Che Zhixing sea, exclusive deep feeling is, that calls big, not only big, and beautiful. Liked to go up at a draught, so we from afternoon 4:0One 0 played near at 8 o'clock, still painted a picture on square, it is distinct very (30 yuan / person) the water of astral sea bathhouse is OK still, although do not have inscriptions beach Qing Dynasty, but wave is not big, the bank is stone, cannot say for dinkum beach. In the evening, I and Laogong decide engorge, take a taxi first those who went on our guesthouse every day fishing port, 10 minutes of nobody after sitting come over accost, angry we go directly person, went going up by the side of Zhongshan square every day fishing port, the service over there is good still. Nodded two fancy big Bao, two come in heavy green crab, one holothurian burn bean curd, with little baby of a dried scallop, 4 fim cream, add two bottles of beer again, eating abdomen abdomen smooth circle, final checkout, still be less than 500 money, satisfy a craving! By the way, friendship bazaar is on that restaurant that we go to, can look for the female brethren to liking to shop, I purchased pants of a 05 Only young over, hit 7 fold. Controlled at 11 o'clock in the evening, returned hotel beauty to sleep beautifully shut-eye. Day and jade hotel are a hotel of 3 stars class, the service is good, just the building is a little old, situation is more special, the bed is inclined put. (The price the) between 298 big beds.
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